Classrooms Da Vinci, ViviAmo Fiumicino: “Prefabricated as early as next year”

“In the last few hours, we have come to know, through some parents of the kids who are about to choose the high school curriculum that they prefer or in any case more similar to their characteristics, that on the occasion of the days dedicated to the Open Days, held at the IIS Leonardo da Vinci, the school management informed the defendants about the strong possibility of forming only two new first classes (one for the Agricultural address and the other for the Classical) for the 2023/2024 school year ”.

“This choice, painful and the result of heated debates, came following the recent meetings of the Institute Council and the approval of the related agendas. Specifically, with these agendas, it was decided to provide for a downsizing of the acceptance criteria for new registrations, i.e. to give absolute priority to children residing in the municipality of Fiumicino, and to accept only residually the registrations that will arrive from children non-residents. And this is essentially due to the chronic lack of space, culminating in the critical issues that occurred at the beginning of the school year with the race to find new classrooms, due to the impossibility of continuing to use the spaces granted by the Frassinetti parish, but also due to the will of the same Institute Council not to give rise to the addition of Saturday shifts or afternoon shifts for normal teaching, as well as that of having the students diverted back to the classrooms of the branch of the Paolo Baffi institute in viale di Porto and at the classroom obtained from the teachers’ room in via Reggiani, offered precisely to Leonardo da Vinci to remedy this problem, even if considered absolutely inadequate, in terms of size, to host normal teaching.

While I understand the reasons that led the Council to adopt these drastic measures, also due to the objective lack of classrooms, the disappointment and apprehension of all these young people who approached with such enthusiasm during the Open Days, and consequently also of their families, are the feelings that understandably prevail at the moment, given that in the light of the above, they will be practically excluded from the possibility of being able to study what they love most in their own city, therefore forced to have to choose another course of study or divert one’s choices towards institutions in the capital or in other municipalities, where there is, above all, the possibility of being accepted.

We have all learned the recent news from the municipal administration regarding the construction of a new high school in Fiumicino, precisely in the Isola Sacra area, thanks to the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Metropolitan City, the body responsible for secondary school construction. superior. News that we have all been waiting for for a long time and which makes us happy, but which evidently does not meet the current needs of all these children who will have to choose their own school by January 30, given that to date we are not even at the planning stage for the realization of the aforementioned institute.

As a citizen committee, but first of all as parents, we ask all political forces to give an immediate mandate to the Mayor, in concert with the manager of Leonardo da Vinci, Prof. Gargiulo, to present a formal request to the Metropolitan City, in finding close around a solution, i.e. before the deadline for registrations. The solution, as already proposed by the school principal and by the president Mario Baccini, which in our opinion is the best, is that of installing prefabricated modules or containers, within the perimeter of the high school itself.

A choice that would allow these modules to be installed in the coming months would make everything ready for the start of lessons next September, provided, of course, in the time needed to accept the new enrollment applications. This would give students the possibility, compared to relocation to branch offices, to be able to use the laboratories and therefore carry out the specific activities of the chosen course in them.

We trust in the sensitivity and determination of our local administrators to buffer this real emergency, which has been going on for years now. However, as never before, the risk for many young people of remaining ‘outside’ is really serious and concrete, because it is not their future that is uncertain, but even their present and we cannot and must not allow this”.

ViviAmo Fiumicino for Mario Baccini’s study centre

Classrooms Da Vinci, ViviAmo Fiumicino: “Prefabricated as early as next year” –