Closing Cycle 2022 of the Youth and Adult Modality > Municipality of Córdoba

  • A large crowd attended the Manuel Belgrano School of Commerce to see the productions of the students.
  • Simultaneously, the event featured different interventions and performances, accompanied by Vice Mayor Daniel Passerini and education authorities from the Municipality of Córdoba.

On November 14, the Youth and Adult Modality closed the 2022 cycle with an Annual Exhibition in which the productions of the 29 educational centers were presented, carried out by the students within the framework of
various projects.

The exhibition brought together more than 300 attendees at the Manuel Belgrano School of Commerce, who were able to appreciate different products such as rugs, cushions and paintings made with different techniques that
they use recycled materials, and the preparation of brochures and creation of videos from the Computer Science area.

The native trees that were planted within the framework of the School Garden Project, in addition to the pots made with recycled grass, dimensioned the importance that the commitment to caring for the environment has had in the Youth and Adult Modality.

In addition to the exhibition of these works, from the Art area a spatial installation was made where the guests could walk through a forest with all its diversity of colors. There, embroidery, tapestries, illustrations with painting and printing techniques, represented native plants, animals and vegetation.

A repertoire of songs selected by the students was also enjoyed, redefining the popular Spanish-American songbook. Other students recited and sang as part of the Collective Singing Project
It is never too late to sing. Finally, an expressive picture was presented in relation to the dismount through different dances.

Among the authorities present, it is worth noting the accompaniment of the Vice Mayor, Daniel Passerini, who highlighted “the educational quality of the Modality and urged to follow the path of growth of our young people and
Adults. I urge you to continue learning, education in this management is a reality and an opportunity for you.”

Likewise, the Secretary of Education, Horacio Ferreyra, referred to this closure eloquently: “We are satisfied
with the place that the modality of young people and adults has been gaining in recent years, and this exhibition allows us to see that it is possible to continue learning throughout life and from various experiences as our
Int. Martín LLaryora, putting valuable learning in the central place of teaching. On the other hand, to this expansion of possibilities we must recognize the efforts made by the current administration to implement
As of this year, the free examination instance, which was not present and which has become a more than interesting option in the face-to-face and semi-face-to-face offer of the modality for young people and adults, as well also the category of vocational student for those adults who graduated and wish to continue participating in classes of arts, technological education and physical education”.

Closing Cycle 2022 of the Youth and Adult Modality > Municipality of Córdoba