CORIGLIANO-ROSSANO – All is well Madam the Marquise. Schools will start again tomorrow and in Corigliano-Rossano «all the complexes are ready to welcome the student population “.

So no problem? No. The criticalities are there and remain. Only that change the narrative of the existing that somehow changes the vision of reality compared to what groups of parents have been denouncing for months, worried about the livability conditions of some complexes.

In this morning’s edition we announced the meeting between Deputy Mayor Maria Salimbenithe councilor for education, Alessia Alboresi, managers, teachers and parents to try to clear the mists around some issues that affect the Coriglianese schools and, above all, the Ariosto plexus. The municipal manager of Public Works, Francesco, was also present at the meeting Castiglione.

The Municipal Administration wanted to reassure the entire educating community on the procedure and timing of the delivery of the school modules (some call them containers) that will go to experience the need for the missing spaces.

THE representatives of the Institute also asked for information on the situation of the Ariosto plexus. By the way, the deputy mayor Maria Salimbeni and the engineer Francesco Castiglione, announced that the body has intercepted a loan from the NRP, which, “together with the budget funds already previously allocated, will allow the realization of a project of nearly three million euros. This figure – they specified – unlike the previous loan, it will make it possible to fully respond to the new needs of the school population“.

Excellent news but in the future. What the parents wanted answers about, though, was the contingent and therefore the current state of the school complex which houses the Ariosto school. We will know more about its maintenance conditions tomorrow morning when school activities reopen.

Another sore point, however, remains – on the Rossano front – the story concerning the “Levi” middle school. “The solution identified – said the two administrators – in the face of numerous interlocutions and inspections made in consultation with the head teacher and the school representative, was that of allocate in the complex of the Josephine Fathers, a place that has always been used to host students, the missing spaces. A solution that, as anticipated in the city council by both the Mayor and the Councilor, allows the educating communities, already strongly tested by the years of pandemic management, to resume school activities in the name of maximum serenity “.

Best wishes for a happy school year from the municipal administration

This is the year of the restart, finally the children will be free to be able to return to school after the restrictions caused by the pandemic, looking at each other in the face – affirms the commissioner Alboresi -. School buildings were disrupted in the years of the Covid and today we find ourselves having to face again the problems that are linked to obsolete infrastructures and that would need to be renewed. There are numerous incentives in the Pnrr with respect to the modernization of the school infrastructure but the times are linked to political dynamics that are not strictly related to those of the local administration, so as always, we have set in motion to resolve, in the light of the ministerial decree of May which brought management back to the pre-pandemic phase , the needs of which we were promptly informed by the school administrators ».

All the municipal schools will be ready tomorrow to welcome the students – concludes the commissioner Alboresi – the direct communication channel with the administration is then always open to intervene and solve or modulate the various problems that will arise from time to time “

Consultation, open and frank dialogue between administration and citizens – underlined the deputy mayor Salimbeni – it is the main path that we have always chosen to follow, also and above all in such delicate and topical issues as those related to school ».

The new school year sees the arrival of three new managers to whom the administration makes the warmest greetings and best wishes for a good job. The Mayor wishes the students, their families and the whole educating community a good start to the school year. “Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the world», Concludes the mayor, borrowing the words of Nelson Mandela.

Co-Ro, schools in chaos? Nothing is true. «All the complexes are ready for the beginning of the school year» |