“Collective action, engine of change”: ASA proposes four cinematographic solidarity trips

AAragonesa Solidarity Action (ASA) continues to transmit hope, after 38 film cycles, with a selection of films with other people’s stories, which are not ours but which open windows to what is different, to feel from other hearts, other lives.

They have selected four films that have a lot to do with all the possibilities offered by community work, culture, education, beauty, love and care for the Earth.

This year the motto chosen has been “Collective action, the engine of change”. The cycle will be carried out online, with a temporary code for the Filmin platform that can already be requested on the ASA website.

Mali Twist, set in post-colonial Mali in the 1960s, when the youth of Bamako dance to rock and roll, freshly imported from the West, and dream of political renewal. Film that exudes vitality, joy and dreams. It can be seen from Sunday, January 15.

“Love instead”, a whole song to life and love in the midst of difficulties and with the strength that the collective gives us. A reflection on art and culture as an instrument of survival, on creation as a responsibility towards life. The film tells the story of a group of actors and actresses who represent a musical comedy by the writer Jery Jurandot. It can be seen for 72 hours online from the Sunday, January 22.

“Lunana: A Yak at School”, one of the most forgotten corners of the planet serves as a setting to make the viewer fall in love with its impressive landscapes and great human warmth. Ugyen is a young teacher in Bhutan who shirks his duties while he plans to go to Australia to become a singer. As a reprimand, his superiors send him to the most remote school in the world, a glacial Himalayan village called Lunana. This will be the Sunday, January 29.

“Morning”, which begins with the phrase “It takes courage to leave behind a way of life that is unsustainable” by the scientist Fernando Valladares. We have known that the overall balance of the COP27 in Egypt is disappointing. The scientific reports are not enough, the agreements signed by the countries are not fully fulfilled. We are trying to keep performance above people. French actress Melanie Laurent travels the world to meet people working to stop and reverse environmental damage and build a greener Earth. Degrowth has to start planning right now, starting with the activities that are most polluting. The latter, also in Sunday, February 5.

Is there anything better to achieve significant changes than collective experiences?

ASA carries out this film cycle as a tool to achieve hopeful stories, where they are the result of trust in our own ideas.

“It is not possible to transmit credibility without believing that our proposals are credible, it is not possible to excite anyone without transmitting enthusiasm for what we do and say”, they point out on their website.

There are many challenges and rigorous diagnoses of an ecosocial crisis, but there is also a challenge of social transformation of the groups that represent society.

A utopianism that bets on the best of people, a full conviction in the existing alternative potentialities offered by the collective, its strength and capabilities, which instills courage and mobilizes us towards determination and hope.

“Collective action, engine of change”: ASA proposes four cinematographic solidarity trips