Commercial Engineering of the U. Finis Terrae incorporates sustainability as a transversal seal of professional training

Sustainable development is one of the global goals that nations and international organizations have proposed for the care of the environment and the planet. Every time we get used to imagining new forms of economy without neglecting our environmentand becoming aware of the consequences of the actions of companies in the communities.

To move forward with the action plan that the UN has proposed for 2030, the new generation of professionals should ensure that they have an environmental look but at the same time social, and ethicalwho thinks about the well-being of people and their environments.

A look that has taken value in the School of Commercial Engineering of the Finis Terrae University, which has taken care to have an innovative label according to current times. Therefore, it is the only university in Latin America What is it Supporting Institution of the UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI). This agreement, in the words of Cristina Hube, director of the School of Engineering of the U. Finis Terrae, “allows to increase the knowledge of sustainable finance in the region”.

Hube points out that by being part of the Supporting Institution count for your college community the possibility of conduct seminars with prominent speakersas well as contribute to the promotion of this cultural change in the Chilean financial market. “We want to be part of this global crusade for sustainability and contribute to the future development of society,” she says.

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Today topics such as the circular economy, care for the environment, corporate governance, business ethics and organizational happiness are elements of sustainability in business and this is what the U. Finis Terrae teaches.

The School of Commercial Engineering of the Finis Terrae University consider in each subject to sustainability as a primary themeboth the contents Like the Projects Y evaluations. From there, the institution has generated a strong commitment to excellence that has led them to achieve that Commercial Engineering obtains five years of certification according to the Qualitas agency.

“We are all responsible for the society that we must build, in which we want to live and the one that we will leave to future generations,” adds Hube, compared to the graduation profile of the new commercial engineers, which states that any graduate of its programs ” He will be a positive leader, capable of creating economic value, with responsible corporate governance, building excellent places to work, taking care of his environment and contributing to his local and global communities and to the planet”.

An option designed for the future for those who are thinking of applying this 2023 to be part of Commercial Engineering. For more information, visit the website, where you will find more information. In addition, you will have the opportunity to listen in podcast format to the race director, who describes the particularities of the program.

Commercial Engineering of the U. Finis Terrae incorporates sustainability as a transversal seal of professional training – La Tercera