Condors of Monaco, without fear and with values

At the cry of “rugby with r for respect”, hundreds of boys and girls get ready to demonstrate their knowledge of this sport on the field of the Rodrigo Paz Delgado Stadiumfrom the Quito League.

They are the beneficiaries of the schools Monaco Condors which for the second consecutive year carries out the foundation Huma Rugbysupported by the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

The children of the neighborhoods La Mena 2, Caupicho, Muscles and Rails, La Argelia and San Francisco de Auqui They enjoy themselves on the grass of the sports scene and feel like champions. They easily dominate the oval ball and in each play they demonstrate their skill and great speed.

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“At first I was a little scared because they told me it was from pushing yourself. I was undecided, until I saw the first class, the care that the teacher had and I stayed calm, ”she said Roxana Olverawho happily sees her little Axel (9 years old) and Jeremy (5) enjoying this sport.

He details that the president of the Músculos y Rieles neighborhood, south of the capital, was the one who shared the invitation to be part of the school.

Roxana points out that now her children are more sociable thanks to the values ​​that are instilled in rugby classes. “When they had a birthday they didn’t like to participate, they cried. Now that has changed. The rugby school has helped them control frustrationto enjoy each activity”.


Parents carefully follow each move and encourage their little ones, among whom are Michelle Quijijeof 14 years.

“I was interested in learning a new sport. I like that they highlight the respect and to discipline. I am no longer so distracted, which has helped me at school”, details the athlete who is part of the school in Guamaní, south of the city.

Among those with the most experience are jandry cave11 years old, who lives in the La Mena 2 neighborhood, north of the city.

“I’m already two years in school. Here I learned to apologize if there is a strong play, which does not happen in soccer. I also like the discipline that they teach us and that you do a lot of friends”, says Jandry that this year, together with 11 colleagues, they had the opportunity to travel to Monaco to participate in an under-12 tournament.

Ecuador was the only country in the Americas that participated in the championship organized by the Princess Charlene Foundationwho renewed this invitation for next year.


The 2021 started the Monaco Condors project with 120 minors from the La Mena 2 and San Francisco de Auqui neighborhoods. For this year, three sectors were increased and the number of beneficiaries grew to 350.

Said Lopezdirector of this initiative, points out that originally for the second edition of the schools it was planned to receive 250 children from peripheral localities from the capital, but expectations were exceeded.

“We have received positive feedback from parents and neighborhood leaders. At first they are scared to hear that it is like football, but it is not contact. Rugby exercises are carried out to instill values ​​such as respect the friend and the opposite, and the teamwork”, he highlights.

Now he is already planning what will be the following season with the aim of taking more children to the tournament in Monaco, for which the support from public and private companies to acquire air tickets so that athletes live new experiences that will help them in their lives.

Condors of Monaco, without fear and with values