Cuzzupi (Ugl Scuola): “Bianchi has failed. The next minister is not an ideologist but someone who knows the school well”

On the occasion of the back to school for thousands and thousands of Italian students Ornella Cuzzupi, National Secretary of UGL Schoolmade a very critical analysis of the work of thecurrent Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchiwho judged negatively before listing what, in his opinion, the characteristics that the next tenant in Viale Trastevere should have.

“The school year that has just begun is the emblem of everything that should have been done and has not been done. The current ministry has completely failed in its objectives, demonstrating how even the most trivial things, and let’s think for example of the forced ventilation in the classrooms, have not been realized to give priority to partisan interests that have little or nothing to do with the mission of the school. what to see. And in this case the Higher Education School and its exorbitant costs come to mind. All this while confusion reigns supreme and, despite everything, we still find ourselves in the presence of gaps and macroscopic errors such as those recorded on the appointments of alternates and on the incorrect assessments of admissions in the competitions for professorship, now reviewed by the courts “, complained the Cuzzupi in a press release.

Which new Minister of Education?

Here is theidentikit of the new Minister of Education according to National Secretary UGL School: “Our wish for the beginning of the school year, the third of the pandemic, is to soon find ourselves in the presence of a Parliament that understands how it is necessary and fundamental for the country to put school at the center of its programs. The new ministry, whoever will be seated in the chair of the head of the Dicastery, will have to be able to give an answer to the problems and go down into the ground of concreteness, listening to all the social forces. You don’t need sophisticated ideologues and philosophers, you need someone who knows the school well, its dynamics and, above all, the difficulties in which it struggles. Someone who has a clear understanding of how the school, which is fundamental for the development of the country, must be closely linked to the territory and structured in a qualitatively high way from north to south. This is for every type of school, be they public or private. All employees must be given the role they deserve, teachers must have the respect due precisely to the State before others ”.

“This year must be a starting point for the educational institution. We as UGL Scuola will be even more present in the territories, giving a hand and defending with sword – continued the Secretary, listing what the union intends to do – anyone who wants to help build a real and functional school. We will not back down on any point. The goal for us remains and will remain to build a true workshop of the future. Politicians talk about school in a serious way and already today we ask all those who will form the new Parliament the commitment to work and deal with the social forces not in a lobbying way, but directly, without ideologisms of any kind and, above all, with the will to give the school reality a functional and concrete tomorrow ”, he concluded.

Cuzzupi (Ugl Scuola): “Bianchi has failed. The next minister is not an ideologist but someone who knows the school well”