Dana Saber who is and what work does

Dana from Big Brother Vip is a 29-year-old Moroccan-born model in the eye of the storm for her work

Dana Saber, 29, was one of the most discussed competitors of Big Brother Vip. She was born on March 23, 1993 under the sign of Aries, she has a strong and decisive character. Dana is of Moroccan origins and has lived in Italy for several years. Since her childhood an uncommon beauty of hers has distinguished her in her school studies. After graduating from high school, Saber attended the University of Trieste. She currently lives in Milan. Her career starts at a very young age on the catwalk and consolidates with several photo shoots. Dana del Gf Vip works as a model even if chats have circulated that have stirred up controversy about her profession. Dana Saber is currently single and has no children. In the past, gossip news has focused on Dayane Mallo as girlfriend of Dana del Gf Vip. Request the paparazzi on Whopsee’s Instagram profile in which Saber appeared exchanging sapphic kisses with Mello, caresses and effusions. Soleil Sorge was also present during that walk in the center of Milan.

Recently, the former Brazilian gieffina has asked that her name no longer be compared to that of other people who want to become famous by exploiting her popularity. The journey through Dana Saber’s Big Brother Vip house started with the clear intention of having fun and, obviously, accumulating notoriety for future job prospects, perhaps as an influencer. On his profile Instagram the brunette gieffina often talks about her modeling work and how she spends her days. In the past, a shot in a photo gallery was also dedicated to Dana del Gf Vip, as an Inter fan she hoped for the Scudetto. We don’t know anything else about the private life of the contestant in the reality show hosted by Alfonso Signorini, but some important information about her will certainly come out during her experience in her house.

The presenter is particularly skilled in bringing out the details from the past of his vipponi such as the flirtation attempt of the model of Moroccan origins with Antonino Spinalbese, to whom the hairdresser had given a scarf after a set when he worked as hair salon. Saber explained that she is very difficult to deal with and being able to make her heart beat is really complex. Based on what we know about her and what we saw during her first episodes at Gf Vip, we can say that she has a very impulsive and unpredictable character. Just think of her attempt to escape in the middle of the night, after she thought she was seeing a demon. In a short time, Dana del Gf Vip has already aroused public controversy, considering her rather rash statements. Revealing that you see your ideal man in Putin is certainly not something that could go unnoticed.

Dana Saber redone

On social networks, several users wonder if Dana Saber has been redone and are looking for before and after photos of the competitor of Gf Vip 7. Dana Saber’s career has been divided between the world of fashion and that of TV. She also boasts a certain passion for singing, although this has not yet turned into a possible profession. Instead, she managed to enter into important agreements with famous fashion brands. However, a large part of the general public really met her on December 19, or when she set foot inside the house of Big Brother Vip. This is why there is a lot of talk about her also with regard to the possible use of plastic surgery. Since she is beautiful, the public wonders if she has changed something about herself, such as if she had succumbed to the retouching for breasts, lips and cheekbones redone. We have no news about it.

Dana Saber who is and what work does