Del Pozo advances that subsidized centers will have teaching reinforcements to promote digitization


The Andalusian subsidized centers will have teaching reinforcements from this course on to promote digitization in the classrooms, according to what the Minister of Educational Development and Vocational Training, Patricia del Pozo, has advanced this Friday at the XVI Congress of Catholic Schools ‘Inspirers of meetings ‘, held in Granada.

There he has reported that next Monday the agreement reached between his department, the unions and the employer organizations and holders of the Concerted Education on the reinforcement of educational teams to support the development of the Digitalization and Digital Competences Program will be signed, Just like in public centers.

The counselor explained that there will be an additional amount in her workload, which will range between 2 and 5 hours per week depending on the type of center, to attend to the implementation and management of the Digital Action Plans.

To this end, as indicated, the provision of the necessary teaching staff may be carried out, in accordance with what is determined by the institution that owns the center, through the hiring of new teaching staff or the extension, in the corresponding hours, of the teaching staff contracts that already provide services.

During her speech, the counselor also announced that the teachers of the concerted school will receive in their payroll for the month of November, like the rest of the teachers of the public system, the increase of an additional 1.5 percent, with retroactive effects from on January 1, 2022.

On the other hand, Patricia del Pozo has affirmed that the Andalusian educational model is based on freedom and quality without renouncing the highest levels of equity and educational inclusion and has highlighted that it is “a model that counts on everyone”. In this sense, she has stressed that it would be convenient to set aside, “once and for all and definitively, that fictitious, and sometimes malicious, separation between public and concerted education.”

Both networks, the counselor has assured, contribute “in a determined way” to the promotion of the public education system, as stated in the Andalusian Education Law itself. In this way, these two systems are called to strengthen day by day “a powerful public education.”

Likewise, the counselor has indicated that this conviction has translated into facts, since her department has increased investment in 2023 in subsidized centers to 964 million euros, 8.4 percent more than in 2022 and 17, 6 percent more than in 2018.

In addition, Del Pazo has stressed that in recent times the demands of concerted education have been met, such as the reinforcement of educational teams with teaching staff to support students, reducing the term to replace the teacher from four to three school days.

In the same way, the historic agreement for the salary improvement by equalization has been extended to the teachers of the concerted one and the access of the teaching staff to early partial retirement and permits for infant care has been facilitated.

Del Pozo advances that subsidized centers will have teaching reinforcements to promote digitization