Deputy Noel Chávez proposes assignment of psychologists to Basic Level schools

It is sought that each school in the state has a psychologist, a decree initiative proposed by Noel Chávez Velázquez, deputy member of the parliamentary group of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), with the objective of reforming the Mental Health Law in Chihuahua; In Parral alone, more than 200 jobs for psychologists can be generated, taking into account the number of basic level schools that are registered in the Educational Services of the State of Chihuahua.

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The foregoing was supported by the main political forces of the state such as the National Action Party, Morena, Citizen Movement, so that action aimed at the health sector is seen as a favorable advance.

The objective is to combat the suicide rates that have skyrocketed in recent years as a result of carelessness that exists in mental health, so it is necessary to detect it from the beginning.

The aim is for teachers or students to be able to detect psychological conditions in their classmates and thus be able to offer them treatment before the consequences are irreversible.

Among the plans of this project are the generation of school programs of social and emotional learning, promotion strategies that can be more effective for prevention.

Chávez Velázquez, indicated that reforming the Mental Health Law of the State of Chihuahua, as well as 17 of the Law that Regulates the Provision of Services for the Attention, care and Child Development of the State, allows the implementation of detection and prevention programs and strategies in mental health subject within initial, basic and upper secondary education.

Among the changes to the law is the guarantee of receiving care and treatment based on current scientific foundations adjusted to ethical principles, such as receiving psychoeducational care that provides family members and patients with specific information about their illness, promoting autonomy, empowerment and reintegration. Social.

Be treated in the least restrictive environment possible according to their health conditions, access and continue with family and work ties. Full disclosure of all documented risks of any proposed drug or treatment.

The right to have access to hospitals with fully equipped facilities and qualified medical personnel, so that competent clinical and physical examinations can be performed. To be offered occupational therapy, with techniques, methods and actions that, through activities applied for therapeutic purposes, favor greater independence and possible reintegration of the person in all its aspects: work, mental, physical and social.

The right to an education, training or training to be better trained and to have tools that promote their economic development for when they are discharged from care centers. Likewise, discover and avoid those who practice psychotherapy, organizational consulting, clinical work or any type of treatment without having the academic and professional training to do so.

The Deputy recognized the proposal and participation to strengthen the decree of the Network of Organizations for the Care of Mental, Neurological and Addiction Disorders (Rotmenas) and the Social Research Institute of Chihuahua.

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Deputy Noel Chávez proposes assignment of psychologists to Basic Level schools