Digital School Plan, consultation for teachers extended

The MI has published the note 2028 of 10/27/2022with which he announces the opening of a consultation, addressed to teachers and school managers, relating to the updating of the National Digital School Plan (PNSD).

The digital school is not a simple combination of hardware and software and the pandemic, in its drama, has highlighted new opportunities and the importance of a systemic integration of digital technologies and skills in education and training contexts. Therefore, today it is necessary to build a new Plan that takes into account what happened, the value of the actions already undertaken and that listens to the needs and ideas of those who work within the school every day, so that innovation become daily practice.

To activate the innovation processes, in combination with the actions of the PNRR, it is necessary to systematize the projects, initiatives and solutions tested in many classes, according to a holistic vision of the school reality. In this way, every single experience can become a resource enabling the change of each school, while maintaining its own identity characteristics.

With a view to shared planning, the contribution of those who, in the daily life of “doing school”, have a clear understanding of the actual needs, the perception of what has really worked and can suggest new or more effective methods and actions is essential . To do this, the MI invites teachers and school administrators to reflect on their idea of ​​the school of the future by filling in the questionnaire intended for them. In a second phase, the listening activity will also be extended to the students.

The MI and the Technical-Scientific Committee, specifically set up on 11 October, will treasure these contributions for the redesign and updating of the new PNSD.

It will be possible to participate in the consultation by answering the questionnaire within the extended deadline of November 30, 2022.

The link to the questionnaire for teachers is as follows: and is reported in MI sheet #PartiamoDaVoi.

On the occasion of the extension, the Ministry also communicated that “on the other hand, the answers of the school principals have already been acquired and are being processed. The first data relating to the consultation will be illustrated by the General Manager Gianna Barbieri on the occasion of the Job&Orienta event, in Verona, on 24 November, on the occasion of the event “Listening to the future”. The consultation was prompted by the strong desire to listen to the world of schools, to point out the critical issues of the past and to collect ideas, points of view and original and constructive proposals to renew and update the PNSD starting from those who work in and for the school on a daily basis“.

Digital School Plan, consultation for teachers extended