Disconnected in health, the project against smartphone abuse enters the schools of the province

Disconnected in health enters the schools of the province of Lucca.

Rosaria Sommariva, president of the Riaccendi il Sorriso association, Donatella Buonriposi, director of the territorial school office of Lucca and Massa-Carrara, intervened by videoconference and Claudio Oliva, Ust referent on national sport, health and wellness projects illustrated this morning (23 September) the project for the managers of comprehensive schools where regular appointments will be held during the school year to make students aware of the risks associated with the abuse of digital technologies. The regional councilor Valentina Mercanti also took part in the meeting, which was held in the headquarters of the territorial school office in Piazza Guidiccioni in Lucca.

“It was an opportunity to explain the contents and aims of the project to school managers, which is finally entering the operational phase – he underlines Rosaria Sommariva -. We are convinced that in addition to informing young people about the negative consequences of incorrect use of digital devices, it is necessary to involve and stimulate them “.

Each meeting includes the presence of professionals who will address the issue from a specific point of view (doctors, representatives of the world of associations, sport and law enforcement), responding to the reflections and questions of the students; the projection of films and the delivery of video, paper and graphic material.

“That of children and of hyper-connected teenagers – continues Sommariva – is a topical issue: a social and medical-health problem ”.

The project Disconnected in health it is supported by the territorial school office of Lucca and Massa-Carrara.

“Digital technologies – says the manager Donatella Buonriposi – can be a useful resource for learning. Unfortunately, however, it is easy to transcend into addiction. The school has the task and the duty to stem this phenomenon by accompanying the students. In this sense, collaborations such as the one with the Riaccendi il Sorriso association are useful and profitable “.

The Tuscany Region also guaranteed its support for the project. “This initiative – remarked the councilor Valentina Mercanti – must become a reference model, exportable to other provinces. It is essential to first talk to children, to then reach their families, because there is still no full awareness of the dangers associated with certain behaviors such as spending hours in front of a PC or smartphone. Tuscany, through the Riaccendi il Sorriso association, wants to be pioneer of systemic change, and I claim it with pride. Politics is ready to do its part to obtain it ”.

Promote sporting activity is one of the tools to discourage the compulsive use of mobile phones and social networks: not surprisingly, among the supporters of Disconnected in health Coni point Lucca is also included.

“Together with the school – he explains the provincial delegate Stefano Pellacani -, sport is the most important educational agency after the family. We are convinced of the indispensability of a language common to all those who contribute to the growth of young people: only in this way is it possible to pursue the objective of a reasoned use of digital devices “.

The project Disconnected in health he was at the center of numerous conferences dedicated to the abuse of digital technologies, including the one at Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati in Florence, which was attended by the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani and the regional councilor for digital infrastructures Stefano Ciuoffo.

Disconnected in health, the project against smartphone abuse enters the schools of the province – Luccaindiretta