Ecology settles massively in the schools of Forges

The schools of Forges-les-Eaux met. (©L’Eclaireur – The Dispatch)

Crèche, Maison Familiale Rurale (MFR), nursery and primary schools, college and high school. This Thursday, November 10, all educational institutions of the city were present at the town hall of Forgesin the company of Christine Lesueur, mayor of the city, Pascale Dupuis, assistant in charge of school affairs and Isabelle Klotz, assistant in charge of culture and communication to discuss the projects surrounding their structures, and to take stock of the year that has just passed.

the sustainable developmentthe end of health measures related to Covid and the concern surrounding energy prices were at the heart of the discussions.

Sustainable development at the heart of projects

From the youngest to the oldest, a common point comes up when managers talk about future projects within school structures: ecology. And this by various means

The Forges high school plans to install air composters “to avoid a mountain of waste”.

We also want to install a dehumidifier in this same state of mind

Antonio Lagehigh school principal

explains Antonio Lage, headmaster of the establishment.

Same observation at the college, where Céline Dalbera, principal of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry college, explains that she wants to raise awareness of food waste by setting up a weighing of rubbish to realize what is thrown away.

At the Marguerite Couturier nursery school, the objective is to organize a clean walk, to continue to highlight the importance of throwing away your waste.

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Budgets that raise questions

As everywhere, energy expenditure questions schools.

My establishment is a huge thermal sieve

Celine Dalberaprincipal of the college of Forges-les-Eaux

The representative of the MFR continues in the same direction: “for the price of energy and food, we are going a bit gropingly, and will see what it will give afterwards to budget at best. »

In high school, budgetary issues are also at the heart of the debate. “We took a cold shower a few weeks ago,” explains Antonio Lage. The communities have announced to us a levy on certain funds multiplied by three. We are working on the 2023 budget with huge reservations. All the projects launched will go to the end, but we will have to slow down the sails for the rest. »

Post-Covid Liberation

If the current times are troubled, all schools have agreed on a positive point: the end of restrictive health measures. “We want to return to a normal life,” said the principal of the college. In this context, cultural, sporting or social projects are flourishing and should give rise to great celebrations over the coming months.

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Ecology settles massively in the schools of Forges-les-Eaux