Eure. Canteen prices increase in Saint

During the municipal council of December 16, 2022, in Saint-Marcel (Eure), the municipality voted to increase canteen prices by 2% for 2023. ©Ville de Saint-Marcel

Several points were discussed at the last city council of Saint Marcel, in the Eure, Friday December 16, 2022.

Four subjects particularly marked the exchanges: lighting of Cosec, school grants for 2023, prices of the central kitchen for 2023 and future of Jules Ferry 2 building.

Plus 2% on central kitchen prices

Pricing for the central kitchen is reviewed every year.

“The subject was raised in the finance committee and in the school affairs committee. This year, we are proposing a 2% rate increase compared to what was practiced last year and rounding off the amounts. »

Christine Coudreau

For example, for children who live in the municipality and who eat in the school canteen, the price of the meal will go from 3.37 euros to 3.45 euros from January 2023, and from 3. 42 to 3.50 euros for children who also benefit from after-school care.

The same percentage is applied for residents of La Pommeraie, who also benefit from meals prepared by the central kitchen: the midday meal goes from 9.20 to 9.40 euros for residents and the evening meal from 7.60 to 7. .75 euros.

Soon more light at Cosec?

Is the soccer field going find your light ? In any case, this is what the municipality wants. A decision on the award of a contract was presented “for detection of a short circuit problem on the lighting fixtures of the football field”.

The MMRESEAUX company is therefore responsible for looking for the breakdown of the lighting on the Cosec site for a total amount of 5,180 euros excluding tax.

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School grants for 2023

Christelle Coudreau, deputy mayor in charge of school affairs, presented the figures that make up the school subsidies for the year 2023. As for the Jules-Ferry primary school, the municipality will pay 5,756 euros in subsidy. This amount includes, for example, participation in school outings up to 4 euros per student, compared to 2 euros in the two previous years.

“It has been observed that the price of admissions, whether to museums or historic sites, has increased significantly. »

Christelle Coudreau, deputy mayor in charge of school affairs, children and youth.

But also participation in school projects (book devourers in cycle 3 and intervention by the AINH association which raises awareness of disability or the school in the cinema).

For the Maria-Montessori kindergarten, the City will pay 2,518 euros in subsidy.

With this amount, it undertakes to participate in particular in school outings up to 5 euros per student, against 2 euros the last two years and will participate in school projects (circus for three classes or purchase of teaching materials).

What about the cracked building at school?

“The future of the building, I cannot tell you at the moment, but it will not be inhabited in January”, warned Hervé Podraza, the mayor.

After his visit on Friday, December 9, the expert appointed by the municipality expressed doubts about the evolution of the situation and believes that the building, built in the 1970s, can still move.

“A tracking gauge has been put in place to see if the building is moving or not. Knowing that we still observe cracks that extend over the entire height of the building. »

Herve Podraza

The municipality has therefore embarked on the establishment of a more advanced architectural study.

A meeting was scheduled during the school holidays to rethink the layout and take into account the proposals made by the National Education.

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Eure. Canteen prices increase in Saint-Marcel in 2023