Families must take responsibility

A few days ago in the ineffable Delegation of Equality of the Diputación some sex education workshops were presented for children of Infant and Primary. In addition to the adamist spirit so typical of this recycled left (“pioneering workshops”, they said, as if sex education had never been taught in Spain) in these workshops several things were questioned ranging from ‘romantic love’, -because its exercise is a focus of violence, according to these enlightened ones-, even the power of the family in the responsibility of the formation of their children. The non-rhetorical question that the director of the so-called Women’s Institute (sic), Antonia Murillo, asked in the presentation of these ‘avant-garde’ workshops is very significant: “If we are not the public institutions who guarantee the right to education sexual, in whose hands is it left?

Indeed, both sex education and education itself are too often left in the hands of public institutions, the school, or, as a lesser evil, grandparents or home caregivers. It should be noted how digital media also replace parents and even human groups that are so necessary in the socialization process. This is a world of children glued to a screen, of children whose childhood is stolen because it is delegated to the mobile, of children with parents without time or desire in them, of families who do not talk to each other or communicate. The perfect breeding ground for family and personal destructuring, for the absence of values ​​that are essential scaffolding in the walk of life, to raise unhappy people, perhaps with other skills, but without a certain direction.

For decades in Spain, people have become accustomed to blaming society for their own ills: drugs, corruption, family breakups, job loss… And the fact is that if social democracy had collectivized achievements and well-being, in good logic the citizen was educated in the absence of personal responsibility in the failures and the negative consequences of their behavior. The same thing happened with the family unit, when parents delegated education to the school instead of academic and intellectual training, which, by the way, should also be encouraged in the family.

Of those powders, these muds. Sludge that has grown due to the digital age. One of the data used by the Diputación to justify these workshops is the early access to pornography that children have today. But make no mistake, because their concern is not moral but ideological, since progressive trainers understand that “machista models” are learned through porn. And the real reasons for spending public money on workshops of this type include social engineering, proposing and promoting new family models, numerous and extravagant sexual and gender identities, and sowing the seeds for the ‘new society’ that the left and communism specifically they always seek.

And they do this by ignoring families, fathers and mothers, those who by obligation and right must educate their children. It happens that many have abandoned that obligation even though they later end up regretting the consequences. We will always denounce state and administrative interference in what by natural law corresponds to the individual or family. But it is also time for many families to assume their responsibility if they do not want, among other things, to see their children turned into unproductive Martians, spoiled children who did not have their parents around when they needed them.

Families must take responsibility