Fight against youth addiction, the “Out of class” project starts (Video)

The INITIATIVE was born thanks to funding from the Department for Drug Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The Pars social cooperative implements it in the Marche and Lazio regions. It has a duration of two years with activities aimed at school collaborators and teaching staff in the field of prevention to provide targeted training on adolescence and on the use and abuse of legal and illegal substances

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At Pars the “Out of class” project against the addictions of children starts. The initiative was born with the funding, by the Department for Drug Policies of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, of the project “Out of class – Early intervention school unit”, which concerns the prevention of addictions. The two-year project is carried out in 9 Italian regions in over 40 secondary schools. The Pars social cooperative carries it out in the Marches and Lazio.

The idea of ​​the project was born from the experience of some listening desks in secondary schools where it was possible to observe that school collaborators establish meaningful relationships with students. Relationships that in many circumstances prove difficult to manage, especially due to the issues highlighted by young people in the context of drug use and risky behaviors.

The goal is to provide training, targeted on adolescence and on the use and abuse of legal and illegal substances, aimed at school collaborators and teaching staff, with the aim of developing an observation capacity that can correlate any risky behaviors in the classroom and “between school corridors”.


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Subsequently an early intervention school unit will be created within each school composed of teachers, school collaborators, parents’ representatives, with the task of periodically discussing any cases observed within the school. An app dedicated to the beneficiaries will then be implemented and a shared protocol will be created for the management of risk cases to be signed with the reference institutions, which will be included in a broader educational pact active starting from 2025.

«The intervention, with a completely innovative character – he says Nicoletta Capriotti, president of Pars and coordinator of the project for Central Italy – will allow the creation of a network of services that will work together to create continuity and speed in the prevention of juvenile distress. The attention of the teachers, together with the school collaborators, will favor early detection of risky behaviors in the young student and will facilitate access to services in the event of any overt situations. In this perspective, the parent will be able to perceive the various educational figures as real allies, establishing a correct and constructive comparison and collaboration with them. Thanks to the creation of a free APP, parents will be able to receive immediate support in the prevention of the use of illegal substances, guaranteeing the direct connection between parents and operators both in their own territory and in the national territory “.

Irene Costantini, Pars psychotherapist and territorial contact person for the project: «You see us engaged on a new front, which involves school collaborators and all teaching staff for the provision of targeted and innovative training. School collaborators are in fact strategic figures in identifying potential abusive behavior by students. To date, in fact, the scientific literature in the field of prevention and contrast to pathological addictions in schools does not highlight training interventions that consider the key role of school collaborators and the importance of the relationship and communication between teachers, ATA staff and parents. It is therefore necessary that all school staff acquire skills and abilities in this sense, and that they work in synergy with parents and the various socialization agencies involved. The aim is to identify the main indicators of youth distress and to develop an observation capacity that can correlate any behavior in the classroom and “between school corridors” to the use of illegal substances“.

«There are already many schools – continues Costantini – who have joined, recognizing the value of the path we want to undertake. In the meantime, we are also making the project known to the institutions of the sector so that they get involved in a theme, that of the use of drugs by adolescents, which unfortunately is very topical ».

In our territory, the important collaboration with the Department of Humanities – Languages, Mediation, Histories, Letters and Philosophy of the University of Macerata, which will carry out training activities about the impact assessment of the Project and the monitoring. The Out of Class project will be coordinated with the other interventions that Pars carries out in schools and on the territory in collaboration with the Department of Pathological Addictions and the municipal services.

At the national level, the project, which takes place in Emilia Romagna, Marche, Lazio, Campania, Sicily, Tuscany, Lombardy, Abruzzo and Puglia, sees as leader the foundation New village of the child of Ravenna and the collaboration of the Italian Association for the care of pathological addictions (Acudipa).

For information: – ​​342-3995950 (Irene)

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Fight against youth addiction, the “Out of class” project starts (Video)