Florence, schools reopen: the special plan for traffic and public transport

September 14, 2022 – 16:51

The administration’s appeal is to use public transport and alternative mobility

from Corriere Fiorentino editorial staff

The municipal administration of the Metropolitan City has developed a plan for the viability on the occasion of the reopening of the schools. The main measures concern ad hoc traffic light plans, the presence of municipal police in strategic locations and in front of some schools and particular attention to public transport in the most critical hours of entry and exit from classrooms. The invitation of the municipal administration, however, is to prefer public transport and alternative mobility over private vehicles, in order not to clog traffic.

Traffic lights and Municipal Police

In case of criticism, technicians will be able to intervene in real time on traffic lights to improve traffic in the areas where the main schools are located. The service of municipal police will be enhanced with principals during entry and exit times in front of 16 Florentine institutes in areas or with characteristics that are more critical. That is, for District 1 the Pestalozzi schools in via delle Casine, Vittorio Veneto in via San Giuseppe, Nencioni in via Montebello; Rossini in via Rossini, Pieraccini in viale Lavagnini, Torrigiani in via della Chiesa and Agnesi in via Maffia. In District 2 the Giotto schools in via Landucci, Diaz in via D’Annunzio, Boccaccio in via Faentina. In District 3 the Villani school in viale Giannotti. In District 4 the Don Milani schools in piazza Dolci and Bechi in via Bugiardini. In District 5 the Baracca schools in via di Peretola, Balducci in viuzzo della Cavalla and Mameli in via Corsali. Up to 50 agents will be employed for this service per day. There will also be patrols in strategic points of the city viability and in the areas affected by some important construction sites in the morning (7.45-10) and afternoon (17-19.15) time slots.. The agents employed on this service will be 28 per day. Here are the main offices: piazzale di Porta a Prato / via Ponte alle Mosse, viale Rosselli / via della Scala, viale Belfiore / via delle Porte Nuove, viale Milton / Ponte Rosso, viale Redi / Ponte all’Asse, piazza Libert and piazza Ferrucci .

Public transport

Maximum attention of the Municipality and the Metropolitan City on school public transport. Autolinee Toscane also in yesterday’s meeting guaranteed the urban school service with respect for the regularity and punctuality of the races. For info on metro lines In terms of public transport, a new line will be activated from tomorrow at the service of the students of the Don Milani comprehensive school and of the Rovezzano and Campo Marte area. This is line 88, requested by the Municipality of Florence, aimed at transporting pupils to the temporary headquarters in the former Istituto dei Ciechi in via Nicolodi during the renovation of the school building in via Cambray Digny. Line 88 will in fact connect via Nicolodi with via della Ripa with four outward and four return journeys. The service will be active from Monday to Friday on school days during the time slots of entry and exit from school. Line 88 will make 15 stops, starting from via della Ripa it will pass through via Aretina, via Rocca Tedalda, via della Casaccia, lungarno Aldo Moro, via Mighetti, via del Gignoro, viale Verga, viale Duse, viale Ugo Ojetti, piazza Fardella and via Nicolodi and back on the same path. Remember that to get on line 88, as in all public transport lines, it is necessary to have a valid ticket for the city of Florence. But, thanks to an agreement between the Municipality and the school, the free activation of the subscription to Autolinee Toscane is foreseen for those enrolled in the Don Milani. For now, 100 subscriptions have already been requested and activated. Interested parties can contact the school management.

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September 14, 2022 | 16:51


Florence, schools reopen: the special plan for traffic and public transport