From Sanxenxo to the sky with Aviation Privée, the new cabin crew school

Next destination: Sanxenxo. The Marina of the most touristic town of the Rías Baixas will soon become the base of operations for Aviation Privee, a new Approved Academy for Passenger Cabin Crew (TCP). Behind this pioneering project in the Salnés region there are two Galician women linked to the world of aviation for years: Paula Soutullo, TCP Instructor and Pilot; Y Lucia Taboada, Flight Purser and Director of Diary stewardess (Spanish-speaking reference web portal for crew members). Next October 1 there will be a open-day to present this academy to society, which is committed to comprehensive and immersive training in a bilingual environment (and with accommodation included!).

Both Paula and Lucía began their journey in the world of aeronautics with Air Nostrum two decades ago, although the reality is that it was not until a couple of months ago that these Galicians crossed paths on land and the idea of ​​Aviation Privée was able to begin to materialize. “I had always wanted to open a school (…) It was something that was on my mind but that seemed impossible to me alone”acknowledges Lucía, who has already added an International Award for Aeronautical Dissemination to her resume. “Starting a project is difficult, but when you have the support of someone who has your same expectations, goals and purposes, everything works better”, adds Paula.

How to be TCP with Aviation Privée?

Aviation Privée Classroom in the Marina. Photo: Courtesy

As many of you know, the Passenger Cabin Crew are the professionals in charge of the safety and comfort of the passengers of an airplane and his figure is indispensable in the world of aeronautics. At this point, both founders coincide in pointing out that being a TCP or a pilot is a way of life: “For those of us who like it, it is difficult to get off the plane,” says Paula. In fact, the personal and professional passion of both is one of the reasons that has driven the creation of this school aimed at professional aviation profiles: “At Aviation Privée Sanxenxo we help you get your wings”. In addition, as the academy promotes “continuous training and intensive courses”, accommodation in the town is included in the price of the training.

The first and most important thing you will need to know before accessing any of the available Aviation Privée courses are the general requirements that airlines take into account when hiring their crew. “We want the students who come to really have the option of flying. We are not a factory selling courses”Lucia explains. In that sense, and although most airlines stipulate a minimum height of 1.57 meters, in Spain this range is usually from 1.60. “We are going to ask for this last height because we know that otherwise the possibilities of flying are greatly reduced (…) we are realistic and we say so, but if they still want to do it, they can,” she adds.

Other parameters to take into account have to do with studies (minimum ESO, or Bachelor in some cases), health or physical condition, since In this case, it will be very important to pass a level 2 medical examination and know how to swim. “The AESA (State Aviation Safety Agency) test consists of swimming 100 meters in less than 2 and a half minutes,” they clarify. Then, as Paula and Lucía point out: having a fluent level of English is essential and command of other languages ​​is valued. In this line, from Aviation Privée also run an Au Pair program in the UK, Malta or Australia so that students can improve their language skills.

About to start its activity, the academy currently has two courses available: one for Cabin Crew that lasts two months; and other Executive Aviation, of three weeks, designed for those flight attendants who want to take the leap and work on private jets (the latter is also included in the TCP as a double degree). All AESA subjects will be taught in the courses; from normal and emergency operation, cabin safety, dangerous goods, medicine, or aeronautics and regulations, among others. The training will also be complemented with classes on personal image and protocol, private aviation or real practices in a flight simulator between the Canary Islands and Madrid (trip also included) or in the area of ​​Sanxenxo. “We have the beach and a lot of green areas that make it much easier for us to carry out survival training tasks,” says Paula.

In November Aviation Privée will officially open its doors with its first Executive Aviation course led by a large team of professionals in the sector, made up of pilots, instructors, nurses and even firefighters. “It’s a young team, with local people too, people who have been flying all their lives and whose life and passion is aviation,” says Lucía. In the case of the TCP course, we will have to wait at least until January. Its promoters admit that “there are a lot of requests” and they are trying to “divide and organize everything” in order to start as soon as possible. Likewise, Paula Soutullo also tells us that they are working to “Create postgraduate training with the help and certification of the Universidade da Coruña” focused on the world of aviation and that very soon could be a reality.

Join the Open Day

Aviation Privée open day. Photo: Courtesy

From Aviation Privée they wanted to organize a complete open day ―with a very special photocall, catering and different workshops― so that guests and future candidates can fully immerse themselves in the world of aeronautics and TCP’s. East open-day It will start on Saturday, October 1 with a presentation talk in which the professional team of the school will be present. It will be from 4:30 p.m. at the Sanxenxo Marina (next to the Tourist Office) and to attend “it is recommended to confirm attendance”, either through instagram, email or whatsapp.

Those present may be part of different mini-workshops, such as safety or CPR demonstrations as well as personal care and image; know the details of the course and the real job possibilities; o hear the personal and professional experiences of active flight attendants, pilots and cabin crew. Also, during the open-day the presentation of the official school uniform will also take place. “They have been made with great enthusiasm, making sure they are comfortable, beautiful uniforms and that everyone wants to wear them,” says Paula. The finishing touch to this day of aviation will come with the raffle among the attendees of an initiation flight at the Mazaricos airport with Naturmaz (which has just opened an aeronautical-themed tourist complex). So there are no excuses: all aboard that Aviation Privée is about to take off.

From Sanxenxo to the sky with Aviation Privée, the new cabin crew school