Full coaches and uncovered bands: the difficult adjustment at the beginning of the year between school hours and transport

As often happens at the start of every new school year, this year too the uncovered nerve of the school timetables that are misaligned with those of local public transport.

I’m numerous complaints from students and parents that our editorial office is receiving in these hours on very objective issues that students are facing in trying to go to or return from school.

The issue, however, is more complex and on the other side of the fence there are the difficulties of transport managers who have to deal with spending constraints, requests from a wider audience than that of schools alone and a phase that in any case always needs a certain period to find a settlement.

We talked about it with the Varese public transport manager Varesine bus lines which helped us to focus on the problems of this phase of the year. But first: the reports

Katia writes, a parent

Today my daughter stayed off the bus at 12.40 in Varese because it was so full that the driver closed the doors and crushed some of the backpacks of some of the boys on board. We thus found that there is no longer the 12.35 race that helped to dispose of the crowd and the boys could go home. Instead my daughter along with many other people were forced to wait exactly an hour to return.

Writes a student of the Ferraris high school

I am referring to the problem of means of transport for students whose presence should be guaranteed first and then, although not least, safety. However, neither of these two characteristics can be respected by Autolinee Varesine, in fact, at the service of hundreds of students who every morning wait for the bus in the Varese station (but also in the nearby stops) there is only one direct bus in addition to the normal buses. line and this number means that any student who prefers not to cram into a bus with people crushed on the doors and lack of oxygen, has to wait for the first bus with a capacity that in any case will not be normal, but acceptable when compared to that of the others, and which does not pass in time to guarantee the student’s punctuality at school, but instead guarantees ten to fifty minutes of delay.

A parent writes

The school started 3 days ago and I would like to inform you that today (14 September) it was not possible for my daughter (who attends the fourth linguistic high school in Varese) to get on the bus of the N23 line because this was already complete at the first stop (Via Vittorio Veneto) after the terminus (FS / FN Confartigianato station). I would also like to point out that yesterday she had the good fortune to go up, while remaining standing for the whole section up to Casale Litta, however she was unable to move in any way due to the overcrowding and she also told me that only she and another person wore (as per current legislation) the FFP2 mask.

A parent writes

It is the second day in a row that my daughter (14 years therefore a minor) is unable to take the N23 bus to Cazzago at 12.48 in Via XXV Aprile (Masso Sacro) together with her other 4 companions and I had to do your job and he cannot wait for the hours around Varese to wait for the next bus with the hope that it will not be full. The thing in 2022 seems crazy to me since I pay a good 53 euros per month for a subscription and if this happens again next month I ASK for a discount on the fee.

Varese bus lines and the difficulties of the first phase

If what we have read so far are the difficulties encountered by public transport users during school hours, the speech of Autolinee Varesine addresses the issue from the point of view of those who, in this phase, find themselves dealing with an objectively complex programming.

Less resources for transport with the end of the emergency

The first theme, they explain to us, is that starting this year with the end of the state of emergency linked to the pandemic the funds that the state transferred to local transport also disappeared to finance the enhancement of the service. With government money, in fact, many additional trips were outsourced to guarantee a greater number of buses and greater distancing between users during the journey. At the end of that phase, we have returned to deal with “pre-covid” resources which, inevitably, mean less availability of races.

The schedules of the dancers at the beginning of the school

The second issue that complicates things, again according to what the transport company explains, is the provisional timetable that characterizes the school organization in the first phase of the year. The start of lessons often coincides with a shortage of staff that forces schools to start with different entry and exit times from the ordinary one and for those who organize public transport it is difficult to adapt to a non-definitive timetable without upsetting a service that however, it must take into account needs not only related to school transport.

Patience and settlement

Based on what emerges from both sides, the company can only advise for the moment a little patience in these first few weeks. In short, it would be a period during which physiologically and it is not possible to fit all the needs and which to a large extent it could come back with the adjustment of school schedules and the consequent evaluations and adjustments of the transport service.

Full coaches and uncovered bands: the difficult adjustment at the beginning of the year between school hours and transport