General strike in the “Education” sector: obligations required by the Agreement on guarantee standards for essential public services

When the strike action affects the essential public service, and among these, of course, there is that of the school, called “education”, as provided for by art. 1 of the law of 12 June 1990, n. 146 and subsequent amendments and additions and to the contractual provisions defined pursuant to art. 2 of the same law, the right to strike must be exercised in strict compliance with the rules and regulations established by the aforementioned legislation. In order to ensure the services relevant to the guarantee of essential public services as indicated by the aforementioned legislation, pursuant to art. 2, paragraph 6 of the aforementioned law, the Ministry of Education is invited to activate, with the utmost urgency, the procedure relating to the communication of strikes to educational institutions and, through them, to workers.

Effective compliance with the obligations established in terms of communication

Educational institutions will take care to use and implement all possible solutions available to them (such as, for example, publication on the school website, legible notices on the school premises) in order to ensure the most effective compliance with the obligations provided for in terms of communication.

The administrations “are required to promptly disclose the number of workers who took part in the strike

It is also recalled, pursuant to art. 5, that the administrations “are required to promptly make public the number of workers who took part in the strike, the duration of the same and the extent of the deductions made for their participation”.

The acquisition procedure available on the SIDI portal

This information must be collected, regularly following the analyzes of the relative manual, through the new acquisition procedure available on the SIDI portal, under the menu “Your services”in the area “Surveys”, by entering the appropriate link “Web strike detection” and filling in the fields expected in the sections:

Number of striking personnel;

  • Total number of personnel;
  • Number of personnel absent for other reasons;
  • Number of structures affected by the strike expressed in the number of school buildings and classes in which the total and/or partial reduction of the service has been recorded.

Gepas application of the Public Function Department

At the end of the survey, as usual, it will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Education to disclose the overall membership data by transferring them to the Gepas application of the Public Function Department and publishing them in the “Right to strike” following the path of the Ministry website Topics and services/Education system/Right to strike and in any case reachable at the address

This note and any other information regarding the strike in question will be published in the same section, including the number of members.

The number of members of the strike relating to the competent school institution: the task of the school directors

Similarly, in order to ensure the widest application of the indication pursuant to art. 5 mentioned, the School Managers will announce the date of participation in the strike relating to the school of competence by publishing it on their institutional website also by making use of the specific table which will be possible to extract by accessing the “Archived Strike Statistics” function available in the SIDI application “WEB strike detection” as described in paragraph 4.3.1 of the relevant User Manual.

Fulfillments envisaged by the new Agreement

Headmasters will take care to pay attention to the innovations present among the obligations set out in the new Agreement, as communicated with note 1275 of 13 January 2021, in particular in the specific subject:

  1. the collection of subscriptions;
  1. of information to be provided to users, including a reasoned assessment of the potential reduction of the service;
  1. information to workers;
  1. publication of the enrollment data recorded by the school in the appropriate section provided.

The obligation to inform users

School administrators will be able to adopt the methods they deem most appropriate regarding the obligation to inform users. For each of the strikes communicated by the Ministry of Education, school administrators have at their disposal a special form, pre-compiled and summarizing the information required by the Agreement, if anything to be integrated with what they are responsible for by the school institution. Should any other solutions be adopted as an alternative, it is necessary and useful to remember that the “reasons for the strike” can be derived from the announcement by the trade union organization published at

National representativeness of the promoter union

For the national representativeness of the promoter union, the appropriate tables available on the site of the ARAN (the School sector is on page 7 and following, the Area on page 15)

Data relating to the last election of the RSU

For data relating to the last election of the RSU, however, reference should be made to the minutes sent to ARAN. The overall data of adherence to past national strikes can be obtained by consulting the relative notices disseminated on the website of this Ministry;

Membership data from previous school-wide strikes

Data on participation in past strikes at school level can be accessed by consulting the “Statistics” section of the SIDI “Rilevazione scioperi web” application. However, school administrators will have to complete the data relating to users by communicating a reliable prognostic evaluation regarding the reduction of the service, avoiding mere communications of a general nature that are certainly not very functional to the institutions and, above all, to users.

Date of participation in the strike according to the methods indicated in the User Manual

In this procedure, it is useful to pay attention to the careful drafting of the adhesion data according to the methods indicated in the User Manual of the “Rilevazione scioperi WEB” application and in the related FAQs also available in the appropriate section of the SIDI system

General strike in the “Education” sector: obligations required by the Agreement on guarantee standards for essential public services – Orizzonte Scuola Notizie