Getting to know Ligia Calderón Valerín

Ligia studied art at the “Casa del artista”, a well-known school in the Costa Rican capital with a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and Youth. She continued her studies at the Juan Ramón Bonilla de Cartago school.

I love paper, it is my friend, who supports me, encourages and guides me! I love writing and color, this is me!

Words spoken by a fascinating woman who highlights the color of life in each of her works, as well as beauty. A woman who was born and lived in close contact with nature, a predominant factor that significantly influenced her life, arousing her attention and her immense curiosity to observe everything that surrounded her and capture it in her drawings. she. On the other hand, the primary objective of his books is the search and the incessant care of our inner self, which we neglect on many certain occasions and delve into it, in order to achieve that much-needed balance and stillness. Her books tell us about motivation, love in its broadest expression, and the strength to achieve our goals. Books loaded with great positivity and energy.

Already in 1977, Vicente Aleixandre stated in his great Nobel speech; For this reason, the poet that I am has, as I say, a communicative vocation. I would like to be heard from every human chest, since, in some way, his voice is that of the community, to which the poet lends, for an instant, his mouth snatched away.”

And that is exactly what Ligia pursues, to communicate through poetry, delve into the deepest of her feelings and spread her voice in order to soothe and motivate our hearts.

The purpose in A Cry in the Soul – Ligia tells us – it is reconciling with our inner self and reaching maturity in our walk through life, and having peace. It provides a series of tips on how to deal with the emotions that afflict us inside. It teaches that we must learn to separate the inherited burdens that we carry and release chains that bind the soul in order to walk lightly. And in my second collection of poems Como Cartas Escritas, through letters, postcards, songs, illustrations I want to convey the enthusiasm for life, no matter how confusing the present is, to live far from the toxic world, appearances, vanity and material things. ”.

Ligia also dedicates her time to songwriting, some of which I have had the pleasure of listening to during this interview, another great quality that represents her and that clearly shows the art that has run through her veins since her earliest childhood. A woman with a lot of character who does not hesitate to deliver all the best of her through her writings and her paintings.

“Dreams do not die, even if there is no life,

because there is still life in dreams and they are,

only dreams.

Dreams were born to give life and hope

to those who believed in their hearts,

that there is life in dreams.”

Ligia, when did you start taking your first steps in painting?

At the age of 5 I began to scribble and give it color, at that age I did not have my own colors and I crushed leaves as it was done long ago, making my own colors, with the blue of the leaves, with the green of the leaves, with the red from the leaves, and I did not know that this was the case, that this was how colors began to be made. I had that in my genes. I come from a family of artists who, although they studied other careers in other areas, we carry art in our veins. He claims us.

What motivated you to paint?

I would find a table, a piece of paper and I always had to fill it with my drawings and color them. I carried the inspiration within me. I lived on a farm where there were many trees, rivers, flowers, fruits, chickens, and I painted everything that surrounded me. And so I began little by little to improve. I remember my mother realizing my love for painting and she bought me my first colored pencils. At school I caught the attention of the teachers who took an interest in me. And that’s how I finally decided to study Art.

Which artists have been able to influence you throughout your artistic career?

Let’s say that in the beginning and being so small I found inspiration in everything. Where I lived even in the same veins of the wood I found figures and I imagined and painted them, I could see many precious things in them, like enigmatic figures, figures in pain. Definitely living in full contact with nature was what helped me the most. I was born near beautiful landscapes, rivers and streams, with waterfalls. At that time the horse was used with its loads carrying what was sown, I painted all that.

What kind of technique do you use in your paintings?

I started painting in oil when I started studying. And then I used other techniques such as acrylics that I love, with oil you had to wait a long time for it to dry and yet with acrylics if something doesn’t work out you paint again and continue the work, right now that’s what I use.

Ligia, I was contemplating your work, undoubtedly captivating. All of her transmits serenity and calm to me. The faces of women predominate or that represent them in certain poses, such as resting after a hard day’s work, maternity, etc…, it is a very extensive and elegant work; The vividness of her colors stands out a lot, especially in the landscapes that she represents in full harmony and splendor. Tell me a little about her work.

I call them feelings. Many ask me why I draw so much women’s faces. Women in no way hide their emotions, if they are sad we cry profusely, and if we are bitter we hug ourselves and we don’t mind showing our feelings, men are tougher, they don’t like to show feelings even though they are suffering and we do, so it is easier for painting when it comes to expressing feelings, for example the feeling of a mother, the feeling of a kiss, a hug…, painting speaks to us, transmits us, and it is easier to talk about those paintings, of those eyes, of that countenance. All my paintings have written his poetry. I also like to paint the beautiful and pure innocence that children transmit.

How much time do you spend on each of your works?

I feel that I do them quickly, even if they are big. One week normally.

Have you shown your works in any art gallery?

When I was younger I exhibited collectively with many colleagues and we had exhibitions in the nearby provinces where I live. But, let’s say that once I was a mother, I have two daughters, I took care of them and my family. My husband traveled a lot for work.

But over time and they were older, I began to write a lot of things that I needed to express, get out of the inside, I had a lot accumulated and that’s how I started again with great strength, I returned to color and to writing.

God willing and everything goes well next year I will do readings and exhibit my works so that many can get to know my art.

As we said at the beginning, your poems are based on motivation and self-help, right Ligia?

I live the agonies in such a way that they do not beat me, do not subdue me, that we all have to see life differently, that everything we have is borrowed and there comes a time when we must learn to let go, to live, to get up, to return to life again until the last day, that’s me.

My books are about positivity, reflection, to emerge from any circumstance, they will always be like that. Everything I write is to help people take flight because we don’t die when we think we are dead, many times people get stuck and let themselves die and still have life.

Can you tell us something about your next book? The Perception of Love?

It is love in all its forms, not just to the family to everyone, because if we love the family we also love everyone around us and we need them to love us in the same way, what we want we have to give too. How to love the world even though there are things we can’t, how to do our bit so that others are happy too. I have been a spiritual guide for a long time and I feel called to help.

How was your experience when publishing your book “Como cartas escritas” with the Kuelap publishing house, in Lima, Peru?

I really liked publishing with them, it was a very nice, very pleasant experience, the editor was hand in hand with me helping me at all times, a very nice connection between editor and author. A unique experience, it was during the pandemic through Zoom and the presentation of this book was the best I’ve ever had, organized by my great friend Carlos Javier Jarquín. It was the best, so many wonderful people and countries united in such a beautiful and special way.

Now on November 30, I am going to the book fair in Mexico with the Kuelap publishing house to present my book. It is a great experience to be able to share and meet so many international writers and I feel very pleased to be able to attend that Fair. .

Ligia, what advice would you give to the youngest, who are beginning to take their first steps in life and are facing for the first time the not-so-easy task of reaching their desired goals and objectives?

That dreams do not die as the song said, that they fight to achieve all that is good that is born in the soul and carry out their dreams, that they do not listen to the negative voices, that they do not listen to those who say that it is not possible, because everything it comes in due time if they fight with strength, perseverance and faith, if some doors close others will open, we are the ones who paint the works of our lives.

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Getting to know Ligia Calderón Valerín