Girona City Council launches a pilot test of family conciliation outside school hours

130922 Presentation Entardate

The Girona City Council will launch this school year a pilot test family conciliation with a program of educational leisure activities outside school hours. The initiative, which is called “Entárdate, Tardes de Lleure”, is aimed at students between 4 and 12 years of age in the public schools of the Educational Plan for the Environment of Santa Eugenia and Sant Narcís. This afternoon, the Councilor for Education, Children and Sports of the consistory, Àdam Bertran, presented the proposal. At the moment, a total of 800 places will be offered. Entries can be made from September 14 to 20 through the schools participating in the program. For those who need it, one day a week, in each educational center, municipal technicians will support at the time of registration.

From the City Council we want to ensure universal access to quality leisure education, and that children have the opportunity to enjoy activities outside school hours“, explained councilor Àdam Bertran, who also stressed that the initiative aims to “facilitate family conciliation so that families can have a care space once the child finishes school“. Bertran has recalled that the project “It is part of the Plan for Educational Equity that we approved a few months ago“.

Specifically, the pilot test will consist of the organization of themed leisure afternoons in the public primary schools themselves, between 4:30 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. There will be proposals for psychomotricity, multisports, creativity and plastic arts, robotics and music, and families will be able to choose one, two or three leisure afternoons per child, depending on the days and activities they prefer. In this way, “Sleep in, Afternoons of Lleure” fulfills a double objective. On the one hand, to guarantee equal opportunities for boys and girls to participate in quality educational leisure activities and, on the other, to offer an afternoon space for families so that they can reconcile personal and work life with school .

To facilitate access to all families, the City Council subsidizes part of the cost of the activities. In addition, it has been established social rating system for those families with greater economic difficulties, so that no child is left behind.

The pilot project will be developed in the public primary schools of the Educational Plan for the Environment of Santa Eugenia and Sant Narcís , with the aim of responding to the difficulty that has been detected in the area that students can access leisure and extracurricular activities. The centers where the project will be applied are the following: the Santa Eugenia School, the Josep Dalmau Carles School, the Montfalgars School, the Cassià Costal School and the Ágora School, which add up to a total of 1,359 students between 4 and 12 years old.

“Entárdate, Tardes de Lleure” is part of the line of proposals for free up time and facilitate the care of children from 2 to 12 years old of the campaign promoted by the Social Rights Area of ​​the City Council “In Girona we take care of ourselves”, approved within the framework of the Corresponsables Plan (2021-2023). In addition, the initiative is one of the actions provided for in the Plan for Equity of the city of Girona, which was presented in June this year in order to work for equal educational opportunities for children in the city.

With the launch of the “Entárdate, Tardes de Lleure”, the Girona City Council wants to guarantee the universal access to education in quality leisure, giving children the opportunity to enjoy activities outside school hours and, at the same time, reduce educational inequalities and increase student motivation for learning. These objectives are part of the Girona Educació 360 program and the values ​​of Ciudad Educadora.

Girona City Council launches a pilot test of family conciliation outside school hours