Guadalajara: The municipality continues to improve primary schools with the Escuelas a Todo Color program

Pablo Lemus Navarro, municipal president of Guadalajara, today led the delivery of the intervention made at the Petronilo Rodríguez Galindo elementary schoolfrom the Lomas del Paraíso neighborhood, through the Escuelas a Todo Color program.

The Mayor of Guadalajara announced that the budget for 2023 contemplates doubling the number of schools renovated with this public policy, to add a total of 40 schools.

“We are going to double next year thanks to the support that the councilors gave us, 40 Full Color Schools in Guadalajara for next year. This is wonderful and this indicates the importance it has for the Administration, for its councilors in educational matters (…) We are betting a lot on education so that our girls and boys continue to have better conditions to study, “he said the first mayor

Pablo Lemus added that the De Buenas a la Escuela program will continue, through which more than 200,000 girls and boys in the municipality are positively impacted with the delivery of school supplies, backpacks and sports uniforms.

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With an investment of 1.7 million pesos, the installation of lonaria, surface painting in the civic patio, adaptation of two toilet modules -with total renovation of floors, walls, lighting fixtures and bathroom furniture-, adaptation to separate the toilet from the staff was carried out. teacher, painting of modules, façade and blacksmithing, ramps with universal access, railing and adaptation of access to the school.

Francisco Ontiveros Balcázar, Director of Public Works of Guadalajara, added that a Rain Nest device was also installed to capture and use rainwater.

“Remember that we have to be very aware of water care (…), we are preparing the facilities to be able to capture rainwater and this water can be used for irrigation, for bathrooms, etc.,” he explained.

The second stage of delivery of school packages for girls and boys was also carried out at this educational establishment.

“I want to thank you Mr. President Pablo Lemus for your wise leadership so that today we can see the different programs that have been implemented (…) I know that a lot is being done by the municipality of Guadalajara in terms of infrastructure and I am sure that he is responding to the requests that are being made to him daily,” said Mario Pavel Castro Rosario, director of the Petronilo Rodríguez Galindo elementary school on his morning shift.

The student Paulette Becerra Gutiérrez, on behalf of her classmates, thanked the municipal authorities for the benefits of these programs, with which the campus is improved and there are better conditions for quality educational learning.

Present at the event were Tonatiuh Bravo Padilla, Councilor President of the Building Commission for Education, Science and Technology; Andrea Blanco Calderón, General Coordinator of Community Construction; Alejandro Hermosillo González, General Coordinator of the Fight against Inequality; Francisco Javier Romo Mendoza, Director of the Good School program; Néstor Tello, Director of Support for Children, among other personalities.



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Guadalajara: The municipality continues to improve primary schools with the Escuelas a Todo Color program