How could we keep the heart young and stave off its aging

According to all national but also international statistics, Italians would be a people of old people. From a certain point of view it could be negative, but when it comes to health it means that we are among those who are the most long-lived. Among the merits certainly also a Mediterranean diet that accompanies us from an early age. Sports activity more and more present, starting from schools and youth activities. School and sports training programs that encourage families to try to eat healthy at any age. We never talk about it, but in our schools, unlike many other world realities, there would be particular attention to the daily diet of students. All this would increase the possibility of aging better, favoring a slowing down of degenerative processes not only physical but also mental. And it is for this reason that our heart, in addition to the brain, would also need special care.

Try to always keep the same habits

As all medical studies remind us, even the heart would undergo a physiological process of aging like our whole organism. Sports life, absence of alcohol and smoking, targeted diet, but also little stress would be the usual and now known characteristics to live better. However, let us remember that our heart as we age would need to maintain those characteristic habits to which we have accustomed it throughout our life. This is equivalent to maintaining constant physical activity, even with a daily walk of at least half an hour. If possible, always eat at the same hours, avoiding dining too late and perhaps with too abundant or high-fat dishes. Maintaining the right rhythm even at rest, going to bed regularly, perhaps even with a mini-nap in the afternoon, favoring everything even with some beneficial herbal tea.

How could we keep our hearts young even among the people

A recent international study would have shown how poor socialization in the period of the pandemic would have had very negative consequences. All experts and scientists agree that maintaining social relationships would lengthen life. Being with friends, even for a game of cards, for a walk, for a social outing, for an excursion to the museum would be essential. Taking the grandchildren to school, to play sports, to go for a walk with the dog would not only matter for the brain, but also for the heart. As if these two fundamental organs of our body allied themselves, asking our will for help to live both in a healthy way.

Take great care in the way you walk without any risk

And here we are at a discovery, which perhaps is not a discovery, but which international experts would have re-evaluated in a very recent study. After the age of sixty, many people suffer from falls and trauma, perhaps also linked to stress and anxiety. We all know very well how dangerous it is to fall for the health of the femur, back and skeletal system. Here, keeping the heart healthy, removing stress and always moving in a safe state at home, could be essential to ward off old age. How could we keep our heart young and stave off its aging even by paying attention to the simplest daily actions.

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How could we keep the heart young and stave off its aging