How to get children away from the lack of control that vacations and parties represent

12/26/2022 – 11:49 p.m. James

December, heat, holidays, end of year partysall day at home, changes in habits sleep and food are some of the parts of a combo that threatens the integrity of the little ones during these days.

It is common these days to go to bed and get up very late, eating unhealthy foods at times that are not recommended, but it is already known that the New Year holidays favor these bad habits. Therefore, the Dr. Angel Muratorea pediatrician, recommends that adults carry out a control (even if it seems complicated) to avoid major problems in the coming days.

The professional adds to the combo of “negative things” technology.

“Technology continues to win the fight against board games or sports, favoring sedentalism and overweight“, he warned.

For all these reasons, Muratore maintains that above all: “Holidays should be a moment of rest, which allow us to get out of the routine of school or work, but not transform our children into “bumps” that go from bed to the dining room table or the dining room chair.

Although it may seem complicated, parents “must manage to put them to bed at a time that allows them to rest at least 8 hours, get up early and eat breakfast well, certainly one of the most important meals of the day for children.


To prevent future problems, the pediatrician recommends “stimulating physical activity, recreational sports in the open air, sharing the day with other children their age, for example in colonies of Vacations. By staying longer at home, home accidents are more frequent, especially in the smallest. To avoid it, it is essential not to lose sight of them and to avoid leaving dangerous objects close at hand.”

Take care of them from the sun and eating disorder

Other points to take into account is children’s exposure to the sun, not necessarily when entering a poolbut at all times.

“The boys have to protect them from the sun and heat, avoiding exposure at “peak” hours, protecting them with light-colored, cotton clothes, sunscreens, and hats. Hydration is still essential. They must consume safe water, from a good source and breastfeed in the little ones,” said Muratore.

In another sense, he added: “the festivities of christmas and new year They lend themselves to eating disorders. Copious and difficult-to-digest meals plus fizzy or highly sugary drinks lead to gastrointestinal symptoms with diarrhea and vomiting that can dehydrate our children.”

Special care must be taken with fireworks to prevent burns

Although the number of children injured due to the handling of pyrotechnicsit is necessary to ask adults to keep children away from these devices.

“We must take special care with fireworks, responsible for burns or other accidents in children. We must restrict its use as much as possible and always under the supervision of a responsible adult,” advised Dr. Ángel Muratore.

This would avoid that during the celebrations for the arrival of the New Year, parents have to run to a care center with their children.

How to get children away from the lack of control that vacations and parties represent – El Liberal