“I know Misiones with my School”: high participation in zonal instances of the plastic and multimedia exhibition

From the Conozco Misiones con mi Escuela Program, they reported that the three zonal instances of the Plastic and Multimedia Exhibitions for children throughout the province had concluded.

It is an innovative educational project that arises with the purpose of stimulating the participation of students in curricular spaces, which train them to integrate work teams in pursuit of achievements that promote collaborative learning, always with the imprint in caring for the environment. nature and tourism.

Under the motto “Because we are the future of the world, we are part of its course, we are environmental defenders” children from all over the province had a great participation.

The first instance, called “classroom”, was developed within each educational institution and was carried out in the first part of the year; the works chosen in the same participated in the second zonal instances.

There were 3 Zonal instances, the first was carried out at school No. 880 in the town of Eldorado, aimed at the so-called “Zone of Beauties and Borders”, summoning schools from the Northwest of Misiones. Students from the towns of Montecarlo, Wanda, Puerto Iguazú participated. Andresito, Puerto Rico and Eldorado.

In second place, the “Sweet Mate Zone”, developed at School No. 356 in the city of Posadas, in which students from the South zone participated, representatives of San Ignacio, Candelaria, Apóstoles, Concepción de las Sierras, San Javier and the provincial capital were part of the experience.

The third zonal instance called “Zone of the Central Sierras and Tea” was based at School No. 270 of Dos de Mayo, with the participation of schools from the central zone of the province. With representatives from the towns of Guaraní, 25 de Mayo, Cainguás, San Martín, Oberá, Leandro N. Alem and Dos de Mayo.

In all three cases there were learning days and a lot of emotion, with a large gathering of students, teachers, managers and accompanying parents.

“The missionary boys and girls have been able to present and defend their projects with the aim of revaluing tourist places with the premise of caring for the environment, environmental awareness and sustainable tourism,” they highlighted.

The final instance will take place on December 6 in the town of Campo Grande.


While this Friday the 18th, the Missionary Question Zones begin, a program proposal that became a classic and which the young missionaries appropriated, an innovative experience that enhances entertainment and knowledge.

The Conozco Misiones Program, in charge of Undersecretary Cristian Robert Acuña, “constantly works to provide various activities to children and young people throughout the province, promoting and raising awareness about the importance of caring for the environment, adding technology and innovation as a permanent proposal in classrooms and recreational activities.

“I know Misiones with my School”: high participation in zonal instances of the plastic and multimedia exhibition