In class with the windbreaker

Students forced to wear jackets in class, during the lesson, due to the failure of the heating. It is the report that came from a group of parents who in recent days have reported the discomfort to the competent body, or the Province, however receiving responses that are not exactly polite.

This is the linguistic high school in Rovigo – explains a mother – where for a few days the kids have been forced to take lessons wearing warm clothes because the heating doesn’t work and it’s 17 degrees – he explains – a temperature that may seem not so low but if you think that they stay still for many hours, the perception changes completely”. The parents therefore decided to report the problem immediately to bring the temperature back to normal in the classroom, but the responses received left them speechless.

“Some parents have preferred to send e-mails, others to call the Province directly – he continues – a report was also made to the school principal. She has taken steps to verify the existence of the problem, but after that check there was no communication that they would get the heat back on. Following these, I myself called the Province speaking to a gentleman who gave me decidedly inappropriate answers. In fact, the gentleman replied to me ‘when was he thinking of telling me? In January?’. Among the other responses received also the fact that some girls go around with their stomachs uncovered, as if it had some relation to the evident fact that a service was missed”.

The woman confirms that she lost her patience as a result of these answers and that she responded in kind to the interlocutor on the phone, who even threatened to sue her for the tones used. “As parents we are very disappointed and angry – he explains -, both because no one has reported the problem and because the answers have definitely not been what we expected, with a decidedly unacceptable attitude. We know perfectly well that this is not an easy time for institutions and that there are choices to be made, but at least these choices should be communicated to families, given that institutions are responsible for the health of children. Someone even took the liberty of answering to tell the kids to go on strike. As if they should be the ones to fix the problem. I find all of this out of place.”

When asked, the Province of Rovigo itself confirmed the presence of some particular critical issues related to temperatures. “We have already arranged checks – confirms Enrico Ferrarese, president of Palazzo Celio – On the other hand, before the beginning of the thermal year and before applying the national directives, we had the concern to meet all the school principals to talk about it together and to report what were the measures which, not only the school but also ourselves as property owners, we must comply with. In some places, evidently due to their characteristics as well as the opening of windows practiced for fear of Covid, the problem may arise more than elsewhere. However, I reiterate that the checks will be ready and aimed at solving the problem”.

As regards the question of the answers, Ferrarese informed that he would carry out the due checks. “I will check and, if it were to be so, I apologize in advance for everyone on behalf of the institution – he concluded -, but in any case I want to say that in general and for the sake of clarity there are no other subjects other than myself who can speak in the name and on behalf of the Province, unless expressly and previously authorized, and above all no one, employee or administrator who is, is, and will never be, authorized to lack education and constructive spirit in implementing the requests of citizens and other institutions. This is regardless of what the technical or policy response is for the specific case. With an internal meeting already scheduled, we will be working on each of these issues”.

In class with the windbreaker