Inauguration of the first recycling point in Islote Rupanco

The initiative financed by Manuka, developed in partnership with the Environmental Protection Corporation, CPA, allowed the installation of the first recycling point in the sector, which is open to the community.

After almost nine months of joint work between Manuka and the CPA, the long-awaited inauguration of the first Clean Point in the El Islote de Rupanco sector, located in the commune of Puerto Octay, was achieved. This space, open to residents and tourists who arrive for the holiday seasons, will allow for a more ecological storage of the waste that is produced, being able to separate plastics, glass and cans that will be removed by certified suppliers for recycling.

The mayor of the commune, Gerardo Gunckel, assured that having this Point is of tremendous importance and that it sets a precedent for the area: “Puerto Octay is purely touristic and this, added to the collapse of the Coraco landfill, makes it necessary to implement actions that they are gateways for recycling work at the community level. It has not been easy to get companies interested in our commune, that is why these alliances with the private world are so important”.

This initiative arose taking as a reference the Recycling Point that Manuka has in its Administration offices, explained Camila Tapia, Head of CPA Projects. For her, “the importance of this type of action lies in keeping the lake clean, that we recycle and that the rubbish of vacationers does not remain in Rupanco, but that, what is possible, is managed through the Clean Point and the rest take them back to their places of origin. We are doing training with the neighbors and the School to make good use and maintenance of the Clean Point”.

In this regard, Natalia Ubilla, Head of the Communications and Sustainability Department of Manuka, pointed out that: “we believe that these integrative projects are essential to achieve joint objectives. We are happy to have in Rupanco people and entities very committed to environmental care, so we invite the entire community to approach, use and protect this community space that will allow us to continue taking care of our beautiful community.”

Mario Pavón, president of the Corporation, stressed that “the most important thing is that the neighbors get used to separating their garbage: recyclable elements from organic waste and using the latter as composting material in their gardens. We want this to work, gain experience and replicate it at other points. We hope to remain close to the community and we intend that people make these initiatives their own”, he commented during the inauguration.

Representing the community, Pablo Soto, president of the El Islote neighborhood council, thanked the participating companies and organizations: “We thank Manuka and everyone involved for choosing us for this Clean Point. If we all help each other we are on the right track and now we have the challenge that we must all collaborate to make this initiative work”.

During the ceremony, a group of students from the El Islote de Rupanco School participated, as well as the presidents of the neighborhood associations El Islote and El Poncho, Pablo Soto and Víctor Altamirano, respectively, who accompanied the mayor of Puerto Octay, Gerardo Gunkel. , to the representatives of Manuka: Moisés Saravia, general manager; Tomás Grau, Manager of Corporate Affairs; Natalia Ubilla, Head of Communications and Sustainability, and Diego Troncoso, Head of Environment; the delegates of the CPA: Mario Pavón, president, and Camila Tapia, in charge of projects, and administrators of Salmones Australes.

Inauguration of the first recycling point in Islote Rupanco