Infotep will convert the Villa Suiza hotel in Sabana de la Mar into a tourism school

The director of the National Institute of Professional Technical Training (Infotep) Raphael Santosreported that the Villa Suiza hotel in Sabana de la Marwill function as a tourism and gastronomy school to train hotel technicians.

Santos, also announced that they will build in 2023, a center of infotep in the province of Samaná, whose land is already being located.

He stressed that both will contribute to the economy of the entire area, since they will train a large number of young people who will be able to join the labor market.

About the hotel he said that he was transferred to the infotep by disposition of President Luis Abinader, and it will be conditioned, due to the years that it had in a state of abandonment. “This reconstruction begins in 15 days and is in the process of complying with the Procurement and Contracting Law.

Santos offered the information during his presentation: “Professional Technical Training and its Impact on the Development of Tourism in the DR” at the VIII Annual Meeting for the Tourism Development of Samaná,organized by the Samana Tourism Cluster (CTS) and the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Samaná (ahetsa).

He stressed that the infotep has transformed its curriculum to incorporate learning linked to industry 4.0, related to the tourism sector, environmental sustainability and the circular economy.

Santos explained that the institution is committed to supporting the economic development of the country, through the training of qualified technicians who respond to the needs of companies.

“The tourism sector can be sure that in our institution it has an ally to continue advancing towards the development and prosperity of our Dominican Republic,” he said.

In this sense, he stated that as a result of the National Consultation on the Future of Professional Technical Training, the institution implements strategies so that technical training responds to the challenges inherent in Revolution 4.0.

“We are aware that technological development has promoted a series of transformations in the work of companies, impacting both processes and services,” added Santos.

As part of the programs for the tourism sector, training is offered such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality, Machine Learning and Software Development.

In addition, training in specific occupations such as customer service, care and protection of the environment, sustainability and circular economy.

“The increase in the arrival of tourists has generated a greater demand for hotel rooms, promoting the construction of new hotels in the different tourist spots of the country, including Samaná, and this necessarily entails a greater demand for qualified workers by companies in the sector” , analyzes the general director of the Infotep.

That is why the curricular offer in technical careers related to hospitality, tourism and well-being is also kept up-to-date.

In the last five years, from 2017 to September 2022, a total of 236,026 participants from this important sector have been trained in the areas of Bar and Restaurant, Gastronomy, Room Service, Hotel Reception, Bakery, Pastry, Entertainment Services Hotel, Tourist Guide Services and Ecotourism.

These training actions are carried out from the different Regional Offices of the Infotep, but also through the Operational Centers of the System that the institution has at the national level.

Infotep will convert the Villa Suiza hotel in Sabana de la Mar into a tourism school