INPS pays a check for € 1,300 to these families. Applications by 12 October

INPS close to families. There comes a new economic aid which will enrich the account of families made up of student children for a maximum amount of 1,300 euros. Let’s see immediately who these families are who will be able to request the check by presenting application by the deadline set on 12 October 2022.

The wave of the price increases of the last few months is literally bringing Italian families to their knees forced every day to seek some financial help, Facilitation or Bonus capable of shielding the substantial outgoings due to the economic crisis originating from the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19 then protracted by the war in Ukraine.

The sting on electricity and gas bills is scheduled between September and October 2022, expensive fuel continues to record prices of gasoline, diesel and LPG above average, while increase in the prices of raw materials and of consumption bandages weighs on the shoulders of the Italians for months now.

In this difficult economic context families struggle to cover all expenses, especially the most important ones.

Pay the bills, do the shopping and allowing your children to attend the new school year in the best possible way becomes very difficult without help specifically designed to meet especially those in conditions of extreme poverty.

Luckily, aid introduced at the state level they were not lacking and there is no shortage. Despite the economic crisis, the regions are also moving in this direction as well as the National Institute of Social Security.

Just to make the expense that families are called upon to bear in order to less heavy ensure the education of their children, l‘INPS makes real and proper ones available to students scholarships with a maximum value of 1,300 euros as a reward for the academic results achieved by the same in the year 2021-2022.

We are talking about the scholarships offered by INPS Supermedia call accessible only to children of parents in possession of specific requirements.

Without wasting any more time, let’s see immediately which are these families who will be able to receive up to 1,300 euros credited to their current account, how to obtain the recognition of the INPS check foreseen by the Supermedia call and the how to submit applications by 12 October 2022.

INPS pays a check for € 1,300 to these families. Applications by 12 October

As anticipated at the beginning of the article, not all families will be able to take advantage of the great opportunity to have up to 1,300 euros more on the account. The National Institute of Social Security has included in the announcement specific requirements to be possessed to access the grant that can be requested by 12 October 2022.

Let’s start with the beneficiaries. The first issue to be solved refers to families who will be able to request the INPS allowance up to 1,300 euros.

According to the indications provided by the INPS Supermedia call, only students distinguished by deserving academic results will be able to aim for the INPS allowance of up to 1,300 euros.

At this point, all you have to do is answer the following question: who are these families who will be able to participate in the INPS call by submitting an application by 12 October 2022?

€ 1,300 maximum allowance will flow into the current account of children and orphans of parents enrolled in the unitary management of social and credit benefits, or of retired users of public employees management.

The allowance referring to INPS scholarships is also due to families made up of employees of Poste Italiane and to those enrolled in the management of magistral assistance.

All these beneficiaries indicated in the Supermedia call will be able to receive a variable INPS check from a minimum of 750 euros to a maximum of 1,300 euros.

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INPS, not just a check of 1,300 euros to families: here are all the amounts of the scholarships

At the end of the previous article we have anticipated some characteristics about the amounts of the INPS allowance reserved for families with children who have achieved deserving academic results in the 2021/2022 AY.

The amounts vary from a minimum of 750 euros to a maximum of 1,300 euros. The minimum allowance of 750 euros will flow into the account of families with children who have attended the last year of middle school.

A more substantial scholarship is up for the first 4 years of high school: in this case the check disbursed will be of 800 euros.

The largest sum, i.e. the maximumINPS check of 1,300 euros, viera disbursed to families for i children who attended the last year of high schoolthe one indispensable for obtaining the title.

For all the amounts of INPS scholarships, please refer to the consultation of the Supermedia announcement.

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How to apply for the INPS allowance of up to 1,300 euros

Applying for an INPS check up to € 1,300 is quite simple. Requests must be sent from the platform of the National Social Security Institute by authenticating to it via SPID, CNS or CIE.

As regards the deadline, instead, families have time until 12 October 2022 to submit the request from the official INPS website.

INPS pays a check for € 1,300 to these families. Applications by 12 October