Institutions dedicated to cultural heritage celebrated the Night of the Museums

From 6 pm, in the city of Paraná, the community had the opportunity to visit museums and heritage sites. The attendees were able to tour and enjoy the gastronomic patio located in Plaza Alvear and Plaza Carbó. To close, the Mutante Combo musical show was presented at Plaza Carbó.

The activities in Paraná were concentrated in four strategic points: the Eva Perón Home School Provincial Museum (Av. Don Bosco 749); the Museum and Provincial Craft Market (Urquiza 1239); Plaza Carbo and Plaza Alvear. In this way, more people were given the opportunity to access the cultural proposals of the day, betting on the accessibility and interests of the different audiences.

Accompanied by Lieutenant Governor Laura Stratta, the Provincial Secretary of Culture, Francisca D’Agostino toured the institutions in her portfolio, talking with the attendees and guest artists. “It fills us with pride to finalize another edition of this activity. We know that it is an important day for the Ministry of Culture but also for all the men and women from Entre Ríos who wait for this day every year to visit a museum or access a show with their family. , and completely free of charge. We are grateful to each of the institutions that joined the invitation. It also makes me very happy that this initiative, which continues to grow and consolidate, is being replicated in many Entre Ríos cities.”
And he added: “we bet on this initiative because we believe in museums with open doors to the entire community. We understand that in order to take care of cultural heritage and be able to value it, we have to know it and appropriate it”.

During the afternoon, the director of the Eva Perón Home-School Museum, Dr. Sara Liponezky also gave her impression of the day “this very young museum is experiencing its fourth edition of The Night of the Museums of Entre Ríos, and it is very emotional on this day, a great amount of public, made up mainly of families, who brought their deckchairs. There is to highlight the opening of our Historical Archive in guided tours, it is an important step of extension to the community. And we are pleasantly surprised by the number of girls and boys who interact in the tour of our rooms.”

Organisms of the Secretary of Culture of Entre Ríos

On the Night of the Entrerrianos Museums, the Ministry of Culture opened the doors of the institutions of its portfolio in Paraná and on the Uruguayan Coast.

At the Eva Perón Home School Provincial Museum, all the activities were related to Women’s political rights: Women’s vote in the elections of November 11, 1951. Entrepreneurs’ fair, environmental games for children, guided tours of the rooms and the Historical Archive. The clowns Montoto and Magoya also made interventions.

The Provincial Museum of Fine Arts presented “Textile Art in the Fine Arts” as a central attraction. Two activities were presented: Exhibition / installation “Impermanence” by Pamela Villarraza, and a marathon of collective and participatory embroidery.

Different activities were carried out in the Historical Museum. Two proposals were located in the central hall: the creative playful laboratory “La Ciudad Revelada” (jointly with UNER), and the activity “Chiselling live” with the participation of the Lágrima de Luna Workshop from the town of Oro Verde. Live music and other attractions were also present.

“He wasn’t dead, he was partying” was the initiative of the Provincial Museum of Natural and Anthropological Sciences. The activity focused on the celebration of the pre-Columbian festival of the Day of the Dead, with rites and ceremonies from the Andean and Mexican cultures. During the afternoon there was a parade of skulls, artistic and altar installations, a painting workshop for skulls and catrinas, and a selfie and makeup area for children was also set up.

Fun and environmental awareness was the motto of the Government House Museum, which presented the group La Cacerola to play traditional games to share with the family. The Ecoclubs also participated with an awareness of caring for the environment.

The Provincial Craft Museum and Market was one of the four strategic points of the day. During the afternoon the Cunumí Children’s and Youth Orchestra performed. In the interior rooms, the hall of the Provincial Award Contest was exhibited. There were interactive craft workshops, gastronomic proposals and the participation of guests. The great day closed with the duo “Cumpa Música”.

The Provincial Archive concentrated on historical documents on the history of the World Cups (1930-2022). There was an exhibition of newspapers, magazines from the collection, picture albums, t-shirts and objects in general. There were also kicks, penalties and plays in the courtyard of the Archive and in the Carbó square.

For its part, the Provincial Library of Entre Ríos proposed to invite the gurises to paint with watercolors and temperas, based on the experience of knowing the library and being in contact with books. There were whisperers of authors from Entre Ríos. After 8:00 p.m., the play “El Caballo y la Paz” was presented. “Good Nights” was the show that closed the day with serenades from the Trio Bolerístico Genial, to pure music and humor.

On the coast of Uruguay, the Museo Provincial Molino Forclaz (Colón) offered guided tours and artistic performances by local musicians in coordination with the Municipality of San José.

For its part, the Provincial Museum of Drawing and Engraving (Concepción del Uruguay) offered visitors the Sergio Langer Exhibition “Humor and Critical Thought” and a talk on Graphic Humor. Later the play “Borges and Perón” was presented. , by Enrique Estrázulas directed by Néstor Amarilla.

The distinctive feature of all the proposals was the massive presence of families with gurises and gurisas, groups of young people and adults motivated by different interests, and even new audiences who were approaching for the first time.

Artists-in-residence show

Within the framework of the Night of the Museums of Entre Ríos, the exhibition of the first artistic residency of visual arts “La Tribu y el Territorio” in La Vieja Usina was also opened to the public. Works that were produced from the experience of Residencies organized in San José, Paraná and Victoria, organized by the Secretary of Culture of Entre Ríos and The Tribe and the Territory, were exhibited. The protagonists were 22 artists from different cities of Entre Ríos.

Invited organizations

Also included in the proposed circuit was the “César Blas Pérez Colman” Museum of the City of Paraná, which offered tours of the Santísima Trinidad Cemetery Museum, in the Municipal Palace, and various activities at the Museum’s headquarters.

The Chamber of Deputies of Entre Ríos carried out two performances of “Almost… a Midsummer Night’s Dream”, a fragment of a play by William Shakespeare, with the theater group of the workers of the Chamber. work was in charge of Claudia Zaragoza.

The North Chapel of San Miguel offered the public graphic workshops for children by the artist Jaimo, a theatrical representation of shadows and guided tours.

“History live on LT 14” was the proposal of the National Radio with a live broadcast from Plaza Alvear. Artists, officials and visitors passed through there. There were also monologues by historical figures in coordination with the Provincial Historical Museum: General Belgrano, Tadea Jordán, General Francisco Ramírez, La Delfina, General Urquiza, General López Jordán and Gregoria Pérez, among others.

The School of Visual Arts “Prof. Roberto López Carnelli” (FHAyCS- UADER) made two exhibitions Flexible Show: video art, video performance, video poetry and animation; and the Sample of the student Nancy Waingad.

He also adhered to the Night of the Galleries proposal. In this activity, seven visual arts galleries in Paraná opened their doors to visitors. They were part: Casa Boulevard; GAP 18; ERarte Gallery; Archbrotherhood Art Gallery; Banana House; gallery Around the corner where; and the Almacén de los 33 Cultural Center.

Municipalities in network

As a result of the inter-institutional articulation forged with the work of the Provincial Council of Culture, the museums of different cities of Entre Ríos accompanied the initiative; transforming the activity into a federal proposal full of diversity and identity. They were part: El Porvenir Museum (Villa Elisa); Municipal Historical Museum (R. del Tala); the Martiniano Leguizamón House Museum (R. del Tala); the Blue Room (Club Atlético R.del Tala); the “Julián Monzón” Popular Library (R.del Tala); the GAB2 Caledonio Samamé Museum (R.del Tala); “The gallery speaks” (Pueblo Liebig); the Historical Museum (Villaguay); the Land of Minuanes Museum (Villaguay); the Regional Municipal Museum (Diamond); the Strobel Museum; the Domingo Liotta Museum (Diamond); The Painter’s Palette (Diamond); the Carlos Vergara School (Diamond); Diamante Popular Library; the House of Culture (Seguí); Wine Museum (Establishment Los Franco Suizos, San José); Argentine Federal Shooting (San José); the Municipal Cemetery (San José); the Museum of CS. Natural (San Jose); the Regional Historical Museum (San José); the Bard Liquor Store (San José); the Museum of Horticulture (San José); the Regional Historical Museum (Villa Clara); Historical Museum “Alcides Coulleri” (Ubajay); Museum of the Colony and Aviculture (San Justo); Evocative Historical Museum of the College of Uruguay “Justo José de Urquiza” (Concepción del Uruguay); Museum of Natural History “Pablo. G. Lorentz” (Concepción del Uruguay); “House of Delio Panizza” (Concepción del Uruguay); Municipal Museum “Andrés García” (Concepción del Uruguay); Museum of Fine Arts of the Popular Library “El Porvenir” (Concepción del Uruguay); Museum of Natural Sciences of the Faculty of Science and Technology (UADER – Concepción del Uruguay); Railway Museum (Concepción del Uruguay); and Evocative Hall of Malvinas “Daniel Sirtori” (Concepción del Uruguay).

Institutions dedicated to cultural heritage celebrated the Night of the Museums – Politics –