Is school insurance compulsory?

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Requested by teachers and professors at the beginning of the year, is school insurance really compulsory? If, in theory, it is optional, in reality it remains almost essential.

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Between the purchase of school supplies and the establishment of the family organization, you may have forgotten to take out a school insurance. Rest assured: it is always possible to take it during the year. But did you know that this warranty was not legally binding? It is nevertheless strongly recommended in order to offer the best protection to your child at school, college or high school.

Is school insurance really compulsory?

To go to school, college or high school, the law does not require the subscription of school insurance. On the other hand, it may be required by the establishment for extracurricular and extracurricular activities, including the canteen. In fact, it is therefore very difficult to do without taking out this contract. Ralph Ruimy, co-founder of online insurer Acheel, explains: “It’s not supposed to be compulsory, but in fact it more or less is”. Teachers generally ask for a certificate of school insurance as soon as the start of the school year begins.

Outing to the museum, class trip… for all these activities and outings, schools systematically require proof of school insurance. In any case, this contract remains recommended, even in situations where it is not mandatory. Indeed, accidents are frequent: “Each year, there are approximately 25,000 accidents recorded, not counting those which take place on the journey between home and school,” estimates Dominique Filsjean, production group director at Matmut.

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What are the guarantees offered by school insurance?

School insurance coverage may vary depending on the insurance company selected and the level of the contract. However, in general, school insurance protects the child when he is the victim or perpetrator of an accident. The civil liability guarantee makes it possible in particular to cover material damage, for example if the child breaks a window with a ball or breaks the glasses of a classmate during a stampede.

Other cover: bodily accident cover. This time, the support aims to compensate the parents in the event of injury to the child. This can be the case in the playground, during a sports outing or even on the home-school journey with certain school insurance contracts. Philippe Bénet, president of the MAE, summarizes: “If school insurance is not compulsory during school time, two thirds (65%) of the accidents recorded by the MAE nevertheless occur when the children are at recess”.

School insurance, how much does it cost?

School insurance can be taken out on its own, or in addition to the parents’ home insurance. At the MAE, the rates vary between 11.90 and 38.50 euros per year depending on the cover taken out, between 12 and 42 euros at Matmut and between 8 and 12 euros at Acheel. Certain options may prove valuable, in particular those concerning journeys between home and school, or the possibility of the child being covered 24 hours a day.

Beyond the proposed rate, it is important to consider the level of deductible applied. “At the MAE, the average loss is 572 euros, reveals Philippe Bénet. However, there are many small reimbursements, around 50 to 60 euros. What is important therefore is that it there is no deductible, otherwise the insured will have to pay a part”. To choose the contract best suited to your needs and finances, the ideal is to compare several formulas in order to find the right balance between guarantees and price.

Is school insurance compulsory?