Juan Andreotti inaugurated the renewal of the club “La Alvear Fútbol”

Thanks to the work carried out by the Municipality and the Province of Buenos Aires, the club has its renovated field, changing rooms, buffet, grill and a mural. “The intention of the Municipality is to improve each neighborhood club where our girls and boys who are the future meet, included, contained and gaining value through sports,” said Mayor Juan Andreotti.

Through the joint work of the Municipality of San Fernando and the Province of Buenos Aires, the field of the “La Alvear Fútbol” club was renovated with lighting and a net, also including the construction of women’s and men’s changing rooms, a buffet, a grill, and a mural. And in the neighborhood, the Municipality renovated sidewalks, paved Alvear street, planted new trees and installed aerobic games.

The mayor Juan Andreotti, present at the inauguration, expressed: “Here everything was thanks to the individual efforts of Daniel, Marcelo and authorities of the institution, who had been working in the Boxing School of the Club 13 de Julio, and the idea of ​​renewing the club as we have been doing with all the neighborhood clubs”.

And he added: “The intention of the Municipality is to help, to improve each neighborhood club where our girls and boys who are the future meet, in an articulated work between the clubs and the municipal Sports Centers that for us is essential. We look for sport to be inclusion and containment of a lot of girls and boys who also earn values ​​through it ”.

“In addition, a lot of new works were carried out in this neighborhood: we renovated Alvear street, its sidewalks, planted trees, installed aerobic games in the neighborhood, and it fills us with joy to see that all the neighbors take care of it. There is nothing left but to thank the Club’s commission that puts so much effort to get the boys off the street and that they are doing sports”, concluded the communal chief.

For her part, the Secretary for Social Development, Education and the Environment Eva Andreotti said: “Where there used to be a pasture there is a soccer field, locker room, bathrooms, grill, with all the conditions so that the boys can be in a safe club and beware. Nothing is better than investing in sport”.

In this regard, the national deputy Alicia Aparicio added: “This is a team effort; the Municipality invests and the parents collaborate by taking care of it. The club currently has men’s and women’s soccer, but it is going to start to grow. This work has had the support of the Province of Buenos Aires, in a joint effort to improve the life and reality of the little ones, so we also thank Governor Axel Kicillof for the contribution made in this club and in the neighborhoods of Saint Ferdinand”.

And Marcelo Villarroel, president of Club Alvear, expressed: “We are very grateful for what they did for the neighborhood. In Soccer we have 50 boys and also Futsal who has been competing for two years in an AFA league; we also have Women’s, Senior and Veterans Soccer. The idea is that people join to work together with the boys who are the future”.

In addition, the Secretary of Public Works Cecilia Tucat; the director of Public Works Isabel Dumas; the president of the Deliberative Council Santiago Aparicio, councilors and officials, together with the neighbors and the boys from the school who opened the field.

Juan Andreotti inaugurated the renewal of the club “La Alvear Fútbol” – Zona Norte Diario Online