“La Delfina” Foundation says yes to solidarity and joins Once for All

Less and less to go for a new edition of Once for All and hearts beat strong with joy. It is that the solidarity day is for the benefit of hospitals, soup kitchens and picnic areas. Institutions and schools play a fundamental role in this link so that aid reaches those most in need. As every year, the establishments join and say they are present as a point of reception for donations.

The foundation the dolphin joins Once for All through a collection of donations of personal hygiene items and adult diapers.

In this regard, one of the references, Mayda Cresto, told Elonce that “we work hard to collect adult diapers and personal hygiene items.” She highlighted that they receive donations at their headquarters, at Calle Santiago del Estero 366, from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The foundation has a vast history in terms of solidarity, legal advice and periodically they carry out shelter campaigns and collect toys for the little ones.

“We are honored to be part of Once for All and we know that helping is good and it is important for those who need it to lend a hand,” said the president of La Delfina, Elena Bosquiazzo, assuring that the Association of Caregivers is part of the initiative domiciliary


For his part, Nicolás Mathieu, pointed out that “It is 18 years of eleven for All and it is something that society made part of, we are going to collect donations until December 8 and then we will take everything in a caravan to Sala Mayo.”

Helping Does Good


The traditional place of the Once for All day will once again become the great party of solidarity in Paraná. As 18 years ago, on December 8, the hands of the volunteers will be ready to receive the donations in the Mayo Room to ratify, once again, that Ayudar Does Good.

Who will help come to?
“We strongly and sincerely ask that the donations be of the elements that are needed, because in this way, the help will quickly reach soup kitchens, picnic areas and hospitals,” they explained to The eleven.
The donations will go to “Voluntariado Santa Rita” of the Hospital San Roque; San Roque Hospital Cooperator; Hospital San Martín Cooperator; NGO Sum of Wills; Lucerito picnic area; Santa Lucía Parish (picnic areas); School No. 190 “Ob. J. M Gelabert y Crespo” (Paraná); “Gaucho A. Rivero” School (Elementary No. 201 and Secondary No. 52); Home for the elderly “San Vicente de Paul”.

what to donate
This year, the collaboration of the people will go to hospitals, kitchens, picnic areas and schools”, it was indicated to The eleven and they mentioned the elements that are most needed by the beneficiaries of the solidarity day:
-You can donate diapers (of all sizes), personal hygiene products (such as soaps, toilet paper, etc.).
-Non-perishable food: noodles, rice, packaged tomato, flour, milk, cocoa, sugar, etc.
-Cleaning products: bleach, detergent, etc.

options to help

-Go to the May Room: During the entire day of Wednesday, December 8, between 11 and 22, donations will be received in the Sala Mayo, as was done in previous editions. In addition, you can enjoy musical shows that will put rhythm to Solidarity Day.
-Buy for the “Solidarity Carts”: Another way to help in different areas of the city are the “Solidarity Carts” that will be back in different supermarkets in Paraná where you can donate. “We invite you to collaborate in supermarkets, where you can buy the products that are needed in the solidarity day and deposit them in solidarity carts,” the organizers anticipated.
-Solidarity donations: You can also make a donation of money, which will translate into the acquisition of elements that each institution needs. The same can be done through Mercado Pago with the Alias: HELP.HACE.BIEN.MP
Likewise, solidarity donations are received through Bank transfer, Alias: ONCE.POR.TODOS

“La Delfina” Foundation says yes to solidarity and joins Once for All – Paraná – Elonce.com