Learn about the Cosmetology career: duration, salary and opportunities

For those who love aesthetic beauty and skin health, a career in Cosmetology could be what they are looking for. And it is that studies in cosmetology allow you to turn your creativity and interest into a potential business, in addition to the pleasure of making other people feel good, since you will be taking care of their personal appearance and body health.

According to various schools in the field, the objective of this career is train professionals capable of dealing with the beauty and health of people’s skin through the use of appropriate tools.

What is the Cosmetology career about?

This career is dedicated to studying the products and treatments that generate benefits in terms of health, beauty and physical appearance of the skin of the face, hair and body. Therefore, it is a profession closely related to styling and dermatology.

Graduates have physical knowledge, chemical variants on the skin and show great sensitivity through handling their hands.

It allows you to focus on knowing the types of skin, hair, products and techniques for total and natural beautification. In addition, it provides you with knowledge about the active ingredients contained in daily hygiene and beauty products. That is why the knowledge acquired allows you to know what types of cosmetics and products should be used according to the type of skin, need and objective to be achieved.

The training of these professionals has subjects very varied ranging from Physics, Chemistry and Psychology at a social level to skin biology or facial care. It also includes makeup, appliances and dermatology.

It is important to mention that this race is a branch of the DermatologyTherefore, the degree provides the foundations for diagnosing, using prevention methods and care plans for people’s skin.

Duration of studies

The average duration of the degree is 4 years, that is, 8 semesters, with an average of 7 subjects per semester. Some subjects are sequential like makeup. Some study plans also run workshops and upon completion they give you a valid certificate.

Although, you should know that there are also shorter plans that only last two years, and many others online that you can certify in less time (depending on the pace at which you take your classes).

Cosmetology field of work

You must take into consideration that one of the qualities required to work in the area of ​​cosmetology is the taste for service and constant contact with people.

As for the work areas they can be quite varied. From makeup, facials, within the area of ​​dermatology and podiatry, as a consultant or private coach, to a stylist.

Whether you develop your skills in the spa and hotel sector, in dermocosmetic clinics, within companies in the cosmetics and skin products industry. In addition, you can develop as an image consultant through your own consultancy or in a company or as a manager of catwalks and advertising in the fashion sector.

What is the salary of a cosmetologist

As for the salary, it can depend on some factors such as the years of experience you have, if you work independently or within a specific sector and the specialty you have chosen within cosmetology.

Where to study Cosmetology?

There are several schools where you can study cosmetology in the country, among them are the Caribbean School of Cosmetology and Aesthetics, in Barranquilla, or the National Institute of Cosmetology and Aesthetics ATENEA. Also Luz Alex or Fitodermie Beauty and Cosmetology Schools. Even today there are several schools that offer online cosmetology degrees.

Learn about the Cosmetology career: duration, salary and opportunities