Mayra Mendoza inaugurated a maternal room in secondary school No. 16 “Fortaleza de los Kilmes”

Mayra Mendoza inaugurated a maternal room in secondary school No. 16 “Fortaleza de los Kilmes”

The mayor of Quilmes, Mayra Mendoza, led this Thursday the inauguration of a maternity room, together with provincial authorities and the educational field, at Secondary School No. 16 “Fortaleza de los Kilmes”, located at 840 Calchaquí avenue, in Quilmes Oeste, as part of a policy aimed at supporting the educational trajectories of adolescents and young people in the city.

“Everyone should feel proud and proud. We are here because of the initiative of the institution, which has its ears and hearts set on what is happening in the classrooms, and because there is a State present, which makes it possible to transform a reality by making a political decision. Here we are working for the common good. And these are the things that give us a lot of joy, we are gratified to have achieved this articulation, together with the School Council as well”, assured Mayra.

Next, the Community Chief proposed to rethink the name of these rooms: “I am going to resignify, because we come to discuss everything. We can review the maternal room. It is a room for early childhood care. Because mothering is important and we do it, but parenting is also important, and the responsibility of care that older siblings sometimes have is not only that of mothering, it is that responsibility and task of care that these early childhood spaces in schools to be able to accompany and approach”.

Finally, the Mayor referred to the infrastructure, renovation and expansion works that the Municipality has been executing in the city’s schools, together with the Provincial Government, and that add up to 140. “We know that not everything is done or solved. We have the challenge of continuing to advance with these works, of continuing to make dreams and projects come true. We don’t come for anything else, we don’t want anything else but to work and give dignity to all our inhabitants, and, mainly, to raise the quality of public education”.

For his part, the Secretary of Education, Joaquín Desmery, remarked that “this project arose from a resolution of the province of Buenos Aires, which urges the creation of rooms in secondary schools to guarantee access to education for students who they are mothers, fathers or are in charge of taking care of siblings. Obviously, it is also an initiative of the director of the school, Sebastián Valenzuela, who saw the need of his students and gave part of the establishment to be able to build the room that we are inaugurating today”.

Meanwhile, Claudia Bracchi, Undersecretary of Education of the province of Buenos Aires, emphasized that “this is possible because there is a government that when it says that education is a priority, it becomes political facts, they are not empty phrases: more than 100 establishments , the teaching positions, the maternity ward, the work of the Province with the Municipality, here there is back to back, and when that happens there are better conditions for our boys and girls who are the best we have”.

In her turn, Ana Malajovich, director of Initial Level Curriculum Management of the province of Buenos Aires, stressed that “we have to work together between the maternal room and the families of each of the children who will attend, there is a lot of learning that the boys will carry out in these spaces that are of care and education”.

Meanwhile, Sebastián Valenzuela, director of the school, recounted how the project was devised and highlighted the support provided by the Municipality to make it a reality: “The idea arose because we identified that there was a great need for the students that we saw who had to drop out of school for the fact of being mothers, fathers or that they stayed in the care of their little brothers. We took the proposal to the Municipality, and from the first moment they told us yes. Quickly, the work began and in a year, approximately, we are already inaugurating it”.

Romina Miura is a student at the school, she is in the 5th year, on the night shift, and is the mother of a girl. Excited by the new room, she shared her experience: “For me, the maternity room is something necessary because I am a single mother and I have no one to take care of my daughter. This, then, is very important, so I can finish school and give my daughter a future. So now that the maternity room is there, it’s great. We are several girls who have children and we were all in the same situation. I feel calm knowing that my daughter is cared for in the same place that I am.”

This initiative is part of the educational experience “Maternal rooms: mothers, fathers, older siblings, all in secondary school”, approved by Resolution 5170, in 2008, by the General Directorate of Culture and Education (DGCyE) of the province of Buenos Aires. Aires. In the case of ES Nº 16, an old disused space of the school was used in order to move forward with the creation of this room.

The purpose of the project is to respond to the problem of adolescent pregnancy and the problems that affect the school trajectories of mothers, fathers and adolescent siblings in charge of the care of young children, in order to favor the permanence and completion of school secondary. Children from 45 days to two years can be included in each maternity room, constituting a multi-age room.

The event was also attended by the local Secretary for Women and Diversities, Bárbara Cocimano; the Regional Chief Inspector, Pablo Vinuesa, and the president of the Quilmes School Council, Susana Brardinelli.

Mayra Mendoza inaugurated a maternal room in secondary school No. 16 “Fortaleza de los Kilmes” – La Noticia Web