Misiones successfully completed its Provincial Festival of Technical Schools

Oscar Herrera Ahuad, the Governor from the province of Misiones was present at the first edition of the Provincial Festival of Technical Schoolsevent that announced its completion last October and it took place last Friday the 11th and Saturday the 12th of November in the town of Piray.

It is estimated that the same was attended by more than 1,200 students from at least 65 technical schools throughout the province, who participated with the aim of know the diverse offer of projects in which other schools were working Y, at the same time, Generate a space for socialization among them through activities of a sporting nature.

The Expo was celebrated by the local authorities for the value it represents to show the knowledge acquired by technical students.

Part of the event was held in the Olympic Village of Puerto Piray, which is currently in the final stage of construction, while the exhibition of academic projects was held in the Children’s Square of this town.

The Undersecretary of Professional Technical Education of Misiones, Gilson Berger, highlighted that the event was designed to cover four important axes: “The first was the presentation of technological projects where students demonstrated their academic level through sustainable creations (…) such as those of the circular economy and of a solidarity type”.

The other axes focused on “Sports integration, meetings between the presidents of the student unions of the participating schools and a party for the boys”Berger added.

Silicon Misiones and the School of Robotics had stands at this meeting as they are two large spaces where technical education and work in this field are promoted.

through this event yese also fostered contact between technical students and local businessmen and the website was launched #SomosTécnicaMisioneswhich will seek to position itself as a link platform between companies that upload job offers and graduates of technical schoolsso that they can access applications through the use of the site in question.

The importance of promoting technical education

The Governor himself was in charge of highlighting the support given to technical education and mentioned that it is “a political decision that allows the creativity of young people to be promoted”.

The The support that the missionary government provides in this field allows technical schools to work with young people to “to promote the industrial system of the region” that thrives on their participation in “industries in the form of small and medium-sized companies”, according to what was stated by the provincial president.

Ahuad further commented on “the enormous value that the province gives to the software industry”.

The students from Puerto Misiones were one of the teams that reached the end of the program and were able to launch their prototype satellite.

Recently, students of the technical school n° 18 of Puerto Esperanzaparticipated in the CANSAT project, an international initiative promoted by NASA and ESA and successfully launched their prototype satellite.

Ahuad also highlighted that during a recent trip to the United States, he learned about young missionaries who provide services for large companies such as Amazon, due to their excellent training in technical schools from the province.

Source: News from 6 and El Territorio.


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Misiones successfully completed its Provincial Festival of Technical Schools – NEA TODAY