Montauban: when music and dance become vectors of diversity and academic success

the essential
The rector of the Toulouse academy, Mostafa Fourar, was visiting Montauban this Friday, September 23. The opportunity to salute the success of the classes with arranged hours for music, dance and voice, in place in three schools and three colleges in the city of Ingres.

“A powerful lever for equal opportunities.” Passing through Montauban this Friday, Mostafa Fourar, rector of the Toulouse academy, thus summed up in one sentence the importance of classes with arranged hours of music (Cham), dance (Chad) and voice (Chav). Devices included in the framework of the artistic and cultural education course.

In Montauban for this start of the school year, 271 children from CE1 to 3e thus benefit from reinforced teaching in the discipline of their choice, at the rate of two half-days a week at the conservatory, during school time. For this, they benefit from an adapted schedule, in connection with their establishment. Since 2010, the choice has been made to set up these classes in the priority education zones of the city of Ingres. With an initial objective: to seek out the children who are the most distant from culture. “Social diversity and integration are the spearheads of the system”, pleads Sylvain Perret, director of the conservatory.

100% patent success

In a notion of pedagogical continuity, a primary school and a college complement each other for each discipline: Fernand-Buisson and Jean-Jaurès for the voice; Jacques-Brel and Olympe-de-Gouges for the music; Jean-Malrieu and Ingres for the dance. And the benefits at the school level are there. Jérôme Abadie, coordinator of the music section at Olympe-de-Gouges college, testifies: “For twelve years, all our students in flexible hourly classes have had 100% success in the patent, 50% of them with very good honors. And yet we do not “Let’s not recruit based on school levels, but of course musical motivations. We realize that when there is a notion of passion, everything goes smoothly afterwards. Motivation, determination, listening… are increased tenfold.” A real sense of pride and appreciation for these students.

What also benefit establishments, classified in priority education network. The principal of Olympe-de-Gouge recognizes it, “this is a great opportunity” to give another image of her college. “This artistic openness benefits all the students and the establishment. This leads the children and their families to see something else, participate in cultural projects…”, develops Valérie Mulès. And to bring a new notoriety. The proof is: requests to join the devices are more and more numerous.

The issue of professional integration

Until the end of middle school, students in flexible schedule classes benefit from an adapted timetable and financial assistance (no registration fees at the conservatory, assistance with the rental of an instrument, etc.). ). Those who wish to continue their artistic practice after the 3e must then join the conservatory externally, thereby losing these advantages.

Hence the wish of the director Sylvain Perret to imagine a continuity in high school, with the establishment of an S2TMD system (Sciences and techniques of theatre, music and dance): “A reflection is today carried out with the Michelet high school to make it a boarding school of excellence in the cultural field, so that there is a logical continuation since the 1er degree until the end of 2n/a.”

The project was able to find the attentive ear of the rector, favorable to the opening of such a sector in Tarn-et-Garonne. But the question of professional integration must be central. “We must not forget the importance of the future of the students. We must make sure to find opportunities for them after their school career, so that this orientation in high school does not turn into a siding. The only compass that should guide us is that of the added value for the success of the students”, warns Mostafa Fourar.

Montauban: when music and dance become vectors of diversity and academic success