Montone: start the new school year safely

With the beginning of the new school year, a new page opens for the schools of Montone and, on time, the message of good wishes and good work arrives to the students, their families, teachers and Ata staff from the municipal administration.

In view of the ringing of the first bell, set for Wednesday 14 September, the Municipality in recent months has concentrated a lot on the buildings under its jurisdiction, with a program of interventions aimed at having ever more safe and welcoming spaces. The little pupils of primary and kindergarten “Emma Smacchia” will be able to take advantage of ventilation and purification systems, useful in contrasting Covid-19, but not only. The school, in recent months, has been affected by significant improvement interventions, all carried out by the Municipality with the funds obtained from the Ministry of Education, for a total amount of about 160 thousand euros. Specifically, three controlled mechanical ventilation systems were created – one system for each floor of the school building – in order to allow air changes, continuously and independent of the opening of the windows. Each system provides, among other things, the recovery of heat on the expelled air, allowing to obtain a change of air in conditions of maximum energy efficiency and maximum thermo-hygrometric comfort for students. To the list of works, recently completed, are added the renewal and upgrading of the electrical system, with the replacement of all existing lighting bodies with new LED ceiling lights; the modification of existing fixtures with the inclusion of a vasistas opening to make their use safer; the re-counting of all the premises subject to intervention; the replacement of the doors and renovation of the bathrooms. In addition, the entire school population of the “Smacchia” will be able to use the new protected pedestrian path built in via della Rocca to reach the school. In addition, the canteen will soon be affected by improvement works, as the Municipality has obtained funding from the NRP to intervene with a specific project.

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News in sight also for the middle school “G. Polidori ”of the village affected by seismic adaptation interventions, for an amount of 1 million and 70 thousand euros. The work in progress has the aim of improving the structural conditions and the behavior under earthquake of the building; as well as the architectural, performance and finishing characteristics, with particular reference to the classrooms. All to renew the functionality of the environments and have quality and comfort within the educational spaces. The project also aims to solve critical issues such as the protection of classrooms from excessive exposure to the sun and the adaptation of toilets.

The works have been divided into two blocks and will be carried out by intervening on one block at a time, in order to guarantee maximum continuity to the didactic activities.

Montone: start the new school year safely