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Still no news regarding the Motor education teacher competition. The selection was announced last year with the Budget Law 2022, which proposed introducing curricular teaching of physical education in the fourth and fifth grades of primary schools. The project, as underlined by Minister Bianchi, is part of the process of building a new school that we are building with National Recovery and Resilience Plan and with the measures adopted in recent months, including those of the latest budget law.

The competition announcement was expected by the spring of 2022, but all is still silent. For this reason, for the upcoming school year we will proceed with the substitutions which will be attributed to the teachers of the competition classes A048 and A049.

Furthermore, the Emilia Romagna region, during a conference held on 9 September, announced its intention to organize additional physical activity to the ordinary one (therefore the one followed by the curricular teacher) starting from the first grades of primary school.

Motor education competition, primary school: all the news

However, to better understand all the news and steps to become a teacher of physical education in primary school, we interviewed Professor Jessica Rivi, teacher of physical education at lower secondary school.

  • How do you access the places made available for future teachers of physical education in primary school?

The places made available for future teachers are accessed through a competition. Approved in the Budget Law 2022 to “promote in young people, from primary school, the adoption of behaviors and lifestyles functional to harmonious growth, health, psycho-physical well-being and the full development of the person, recognizing education motor as an expression of a personal right and a tool for cognitive learning “.

  • When will the competition notices be published and how many places are available?

Unfortunately this is not known, the call was expected for this spring, but the various competitions already in progress have delayed the exit of the competition test. It is assumed that before the start of the new as 2023-2024 the call will come out and the competition will be held to fill the places made available.

  • What are the requirements for applying for the competition to access teaching? Is it necessary to have 24 CFU in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines?

It is necessary to have one of the following qualifications

  • master’s degree LM-67 Sciences and techniques of preventive and adaptive motor activities “
  • master’s degree class LM-68 «Sports sciences and techniques
  • master’s degree in the class of competition LM-47 Organization and management of services for sport and physical activities
  • educational qualifications equivalent to the aforementioned master’s degrees pursuant to the decree of the Minister of Education, University and Research July 9, 2009, published in the Official Gazette of October 7, 2009, no. 233: degree 53 / S Organization and management of services for sport and physical activities; 75 / S Sports sciences and techniques; 76 / S Sciences and techniques of preventive and adaptive motor activities

24 CFU in anthropo-psycho-pedagogical disciplines and in teaching methodologies and technologies referred to in Ministerial Decree 616/2017 are required.

  • What is the competition selection procedure?

The competition consists of a written test, an oral test and the evaluation of qualifications. Then the years of service accrued on the specific EEMM class will also be evaluated.

  • How is the written test structured and what subjects does it focus on?

A written test is foreseen computer base consisting of fifty questions:

  • forty multiple choice questions distinct for each class of competition, aimed at ascertaining the competences and knowledge of the candidate;
  • five multiple choice questions on knowledge of English at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​and five multiple choice questions on digital skills inherent in the educational use of the most effective technologies and multimedia electronic devices to enhance the quality of ‘learning

The duration of the test is 100 minutes. The commission assigns a maximum score of 100 points to the written test. The test is passed by candidates who achieve the overall score of at least 70 points After passing the written test, we proceed with the oral test.

How to prepare for the competition test?

To prepare, I recommend that you study well all the points of Annex A (exam program of the current ordinary and extraordinary competition for classes 049-048).

You will find a very clear and well-structured summary in the book published by Maggioli “Primary motor education”. By purchasing the text it will also be possible to access the quizzes and start practicing on the exams:

Competition Primary school Motor education - Complete manual for all tests

Competition Primary school Motor education – Complete manual for all tests

The book is an indispensable tool for preparing for the tests of the competition for teachers of physical education in primary school.

The Manual is rich in scientific, pedagogical, psychological, biological, methodological-didactic knowledge and a varied and vast bibliography.

In the first part of the text, the normative and juridical aspects connected to school legislation are addressed, with reference to the National Indications of the curriculum for kindergarten and first cycle.

The book carefully analyzes the main theories of psychological and pedagogical development as well as dwelling on inclusiveness, indicating methodologies and activities for the Motor Education of BES students.

In the second part of the text we find important details concerning the “scientific” area of ​​the subject: in a precise and targeted way the anatomical contents inherent to Motor Education are intertwined with those of physiology.

This peculiarity represents an extra, precious and rare quid in the typical competition texts of Motor Education.

There are specific references to the functions of the systems in carrying out motor activity, taking into account the different stages of development and training methodologies, with insights into the conditional skills.

The part relating to didactic mediation and the specific contents of Motor Education in primary school is rich in personal contributions that may prove particularly useful for the written test, for the oral test and for carrying out the role of teacher in the best possible way.

Finally, there are in-depth studies relating to health, well-being, a correct lifestyle, sector regulations, and National Guidelines for the curriculum.

In the last part there is a selection of multiple choice quizzes, useful for practicing in view of the written test and a useful bibliography.

In the online section there is a quiz simulator, color anatomical images and a selection of concept maps useful for memorizing the most important concepts.

Jessica Rivi
Physical education teacher, graduate in sports science, primary education sciences and qualified to support. Since 2007 she has been a physical education teacher at primary school and then at lower secondary school. You manage the blog with various ideas and contents for the teaching of physical education.
Leonilde Barone
Specialized teacher for didactic support activities at state kindergartens and kindergarten educator.

Jessica Rivi, Leonilde Barone2022, Maggioli Editore

€ 26.00
€ 24.70

  • Will a database of the questions of the written test be published?

There is no prior publication of the questions. The tests of the simulators of the Maggioli Publishing House can be used to train. The questions are prepared at national level by the Ministry which, for this purpose, makes use of a National Commission.

  • What does the subsequent oral exam consist of and what does it focus on?

The oral exam evaluates the mastery of the discipline, as well as the relative capacity of effective didactic planning, also with reference to the didactic use of technologies and multimedia electronic devices, aimed at achieving the objectives set by the didactic regulations in force. The oral exam also assesses the ability to understand and converse in English. It has a maximum total duration of 30 minutes. The commission assigns a maximum overall score of 100 points. The test is passed by candidates who achieve the overall score of at least 70 points.

  • What is the minimum level of knowledge of the English language required?

At least at level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for languages.

  • What are the minimum scores to pass both tests?

I wrote this in previous answers.

  • Once you have passed the selection phase of the competition, how do the rankings and subsequent recruitments work?

The competition procedure has a regional nature and is aimed at covering a total of 7000 places in primary school, calculated by the Ministry as reported in the draft of the announcement. In addition to the score of the oral and written test, the commission assigns a maximum score of 50 points to academic, scientific and professional qualifications.

  • This year who will hold the chairs of primary motor education?

In the’school year 2022/2023it will start only in the fifth grade of primary school and will be about 25 thousand classes involved, of which over 15 thousand in normal time, the remaining full time, for an estimated total of 2,200 teachers who will be recruited with temporary substitutes from the primary school rankings.

For the school year 2023-2024, the motor activity will be activated with the teacher of motor science also for the fourth grades.

  • How will they manage to assign substitutes this year?

This year the substitutions for the fifth class of the primary school of physical education will draw the aspiring teachers from the gps a049 rankings for the lower secondary school. The teacher will take on primary school service and will have the same salary and working hours as colleagues of the same school grade. Who will accept clips and hours on this school grade will not be able to accept substitutes in the upper grade (secondary school).

Teachers will have to plan for the two hours per week provided together with the teaching team of the school they belong to, as is the case for all primary teachers.


Motor education competition: when and how will it take place? All useful info | Read Today