My child loses school supplies every week: how can I help him?

It’s frustrating to look at your child’s schoolbag every night and realize they’ve lost supplies again. But all is not lost ! Find out here how you can help.

My child loses school supplies every week: how can I help him?

Last update : December 31, 2022

Does your child lose school supplies almost daily? Admittedly, this is more than usual for children his age. There are little ones who forget their pens, pencils, notebooks and even their backpacks. Usually they don’t do it as an act of rebellion let alone to get attention, but it seems to be stronger than them.

This situation often causes parents to lose hope that children will come home from school with the same supplies as in the morning. This scenario seems to be just a dream because, day after day, the school bag becomes lighter. However, know that all is not lost: your child can learn to take responsibility for their objects. Here, we give you the keys to achieve it.

Why is my child losing school supplies?

Logically, there is no single reason for the loss of children. The truth is that it can be due to several reasons. First of all, it is important to take into account that children are often distracted, which leads them to lose or forget objects in class.

Let us also remember that more than twenty students cohabit in the classroom space and that everyone has a good amount of personal belongings. Us adults would have a hard time keeping all of our items in there too, don’t you think?

If most of the time this is behavior that does not warrant concern, when a child loses their school supplies repeatedly and incessantly, it is essential to raise the alarm signal. Indeed, it can indicate a behavioral or emotional problem such as:

  • Stress and anxiety in the child.
  • Coexistence issues at school, like school harassment.
  • deficit disorder attention with or without hyperactivity (ADHD).

Now, if you discard these possible reasons, the framework changes positively since we are then faced with an expected and usual behavior. Want to know how to approach this situation functionally before you get mad at your child?

Instead of scolding them, it is important to provide the little ones with tools so that they can strengthen their commitment and thus be able to take responsibility for their property.

Instead of punishing your child, give him tools

It is annoying to see that our child, every time he comes home from school, has his backpack extremely empty. Buying a new pen every week is boring. However, this is expected behavior in children as they are developing a sense of responsibility.

At home, for example, you can them empower teaching them how to put their toys away after using them or asking them to help you put the cutlery on the table to eat with the family. Nevertheless, you are not in school with them. The little one is with his classmates and with his teacher: he will therefore have to make more efforts to take care of his school supplies.

How to help your child so that he does not lose his school supplies?

Here are some ideas to help your child who frequently loses their supplies do so less and less.

1. Label her supplies

At first, it is essential that the objects have a label with the name of the child. Thus, it will be easier to recognize its elements. To instil a feeling of belonging, it is interesting that your child gets involved in this activity. Thereby, you can do it together on a free afternoon, while talking about the importance of taking care of your belongings.

2. Promote habit building

Remember that what is repeated reinforces itself. Thereby, if your child takes thehabit to check that all the supplies are in their kit every day, they will be less likely to forget or lose business. In this sense, it is important that you help him remember this behavior and later he will do it autonomously and automatically.

It is essential to work on improving organization and encouraging the child to use a diary or any other type of visual or auditory reminder, such as cards or an alarm.

3. Get creative

With a little creativity, this problem can turn into a fun challenge to tackle together. You can think of it as a game in which the instruction, for example, would be the following: make sure not to lose more than three supplies per month. How can we fulfill our mission?

Thereby, your child will develop his responsibility while living a playful experience. To do this, you must take advantage of its ingenuity and think of strategies to prevent him from losing his belongings. How about making a song together and naming the school supplies to check they’re all there? And if you chose a personalized label for his business?

My child loses his supplies, a group challenge

If your child loses school supplies, you should all act accordingly. As a mother, you will decide the quantity and type of items to buy. In this sense, it is advisable to prepare the backpack with the bare essentials, so that it is more comfortable for him.

It is easier to take care of a practical backpack without unnecessary equipment than a backpack that is overflowing with superfluous objects. Moreover, it is essential that he understands that losing things has consequences and that they will not always be replaced immediately.

In addition, the child will need to take preventive measures to eliminate or reduce this problem. Depending on his age, the methods will vary, but it is always possible to work on the sense of responsibility. At last, if you think that his behavior hides a deeper problem, do not hesitate to consult a specialist to assess the way forward.

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My child loses school supplies every week: how can I help him?