Near Nantes: this town returned to four days, the tensions accentuated at the leisure center

École Henri-Lesage is one of four public school groups. ©Hebdo de Sèvre et Maine.

Change to four school days per week

The main novelty of this Back to School at Vertouwas the transition to four school days a week in the public schools. And so the Wednesday morning classes end.

Since 2014the Vertavian establishments had kept the school rhythms required by the Peillon reform (under the quinquennium Holland), following the will of the Academy of Medicine. If the municipality insists that “This choice is that of the academic direction, only one to be able to decide on this dossier”; in fact, a vote still took place, end of 2021, in each of four school councilsin which the elected officials of the city participated, giving a narrow majority in favor at this change. “ During the assessment of the territory’s previous educational project, it was pointed out the need to rework meridian break time and the negative impact of multiplication supervisors and workers for children related to the time ofextracurricular activities, » wanted to qualify Patrice Garnier, school affairs assistant. “Furthermore, the four days were the pace that best met the objectives and guaranteed a stable organization and lasting”. The municipality is also delighted to have a uniform school rhythm throughout the city with the private schools.

Leisure centers: return to two sites

While the new recreation center opened at the wine press in 2020to end the existence of two locations and facilitate the organization of transport for families; the old formula is back two years later.

Undersizedthe new equipment is duplicated by a new space the Enclosure : in addition to 250 children that can be accommodated on the new site, 57 will be accommodated in the school. the recreation center can always be frequented by the day, but also by the half day, but no compulsory meals. “It changes a lot of things. We were thus able to increase our capacity by approximately 120 places in the two establishments. And thanks to our all-out efforts for recruitment, we managed to find ten animators – sometimes by going directly to places where there are young people like in the Loiry, and even on the market, where the son of a tea merchant has applied. With the transfer of the Tap animators (extra-educational activity time), we can receive all these children”explained Patrice Garnier.

Sufficient ? Not for everyone if we believe the many criticals of certain parents (see box). Still they day reception will allow longer sports and cultural outings, greater exploitation of the wood workshop to build games and sets and the preparation of longer-term projects », quotes the chosen one. Ambitions that obey the label plan wednesday » launched by the state in 2018 and which allow to have financial help.

Leisure center: no places for everyone?

Despite the efforts of the town hall to increase the number of places in the leisure center, several parents expressed their dissatisfaction a few days before the start of the school year, finding themselves without a solution to keep their children on Wednesday. 24 hours after the opening of reservations, there was already no more room. Should we all stop working on Wednesdays? “, wonders, annoyed, a mother. This year is worse than anything. There is a big concern about the number of places at the leisure center. Especially when bookings drop right in the middle of the holidays,” another ranted. » Reception facilities at the leisure center are insufficient. The city is not up to the task of offering children the number of structures as you promised, “says another, calling out to the mayor.
Wait for any cancellations
Critics that the municipality has obviously heard. Even if she tried to minimize. We always hear those who complain than those who are happy. My door remains open to everyone if there are any concerns,” replied Patrice Garnier, assistant for school affairs. An elected official who wanted to remain optimistic. “There are certainly some problems at the start of the year, because the parents have certainly reserved slots which will become available as sports and cultural activities are put in place. It will all get better. In any case, by increasing the gauges and recruiting more animators, we have done everything possible to ensure that the service is as satisfactory as possible. It should be remembered that since the health crisis, all attendances have exploded in youth structures “.
On the parents’ side, it is above all the town hall’s lack of anticipation that is pointed out. It was she who decided to go to four days. However, the problems of places at the leisure center are not new. We could only arrive at this situation, ”plagues a dad. The town hall also retorts by denouncing “the lack of civility of certain parents”.
A number of families enroll their children just in case. But don’t come. This was the case this summer, when one had booked 25 days without seeing the child. Inevitably, this penalizes everyone. And this type of inappropriate behavior is on the increase even though people are being charged. We will have to crack down harder, ”says Patrice Garnier. Otherwise, the criticisms could be more virulent.

Numbers: one closing, one opening

With 1639 students enrolled in the four public school groups, the numbers are slightly on the rise. “From 127 students,” specify the services. In terms of the number of classes, Treilles school lose one kindergarten (from 9 to 8) after winning two in elementary over the two previous years. On the other hand, the school of l’Enclos in opens an additional in kindergarten (from 4 to 5) whereas within two years, the establishment will close to allow one to set up in Echalonnières. Regarding the heads of institutions, no change is to be reported.

A new territorial educational project

This return is accompanied by a new territorial educational project. For years 2022-2025. It will emphasize the transition time say »gateways ” for facilitate the entry of toddlers into schoolthe inclusive development in all municipal structures in order to facilitate the reception of children with disabilities or having behavioral disorders; and animation of meridian time.

Videos: currently on Actu

Sports, culture, road safety: actions in schools

Maintenance of lesson at the swimming poolparticipation in label Playground 2024, intervention teachers in musiccollaboration with Meetings of illustratorsapprenticeship program “know how to ride a bike” awareness of road safety…. The school weeks will be staked animations regarding sportthe culture and road safety all year round. Operations largely supported by the municipality.

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Near Nantes: this town returned to four days, the tensions accentuated at the leisure center