Nerac. Representatives of parents of students wanted by the FCPE

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The FCPE of Nérac will hold its general meeting this Tuesday evening at the Espace d’Albret, and hopes to attract many people to this meeting.

The FCPE is a vast network of parents of students who are members and elected in kindergartens, elementary schools, colleges and high schools in public education. The local office, represented by its president Valérie Trégouët, will hold its general meeting on Tuesday, September 20, at 7:30 p.m., at Espace d’Albret and invites all those of goodwill to join the association.

First federation of parents of students, the FCPE participates in school life to defend the interests of children and represent parents with institutions and public authorities. The FCPE is a force of proposal, it plays a role of counter-power and participates in ensuring respect for the rights of students.

The Nérac FCPE is looking for a new lease of life

Next Tuesday, the Néracaise association will hold its general assembly. Its president and the whole office hope to mobilize new parents. “First, we take stock of the past year and the actions carried out. Then, the representatives of all the public establishments in Nérac, from primary to high schools, intervene to present their structures. The main thing is then to constitute lists and therefore to ‘recruit’ new parents.” In schools, colleges and high schools, the parents of pupils elect every year, this year on October 7, parents to represent them within school bodies: the school council for nursery and elementary schools and the board of directors for secondary schools. “It is not a commitment that requires a lot of time, the parents of elected pupils attend school councils, three or four maximum per year, they can thus give their opinion and make suggestions on the functioning of the school and on all issues that affect the life of the school, such as educational projects, school catering, or even the safety of children. They can also play a mediating role, at the request of any parent of student, with other members of the educational community.”

3000 € distributed for school trips

Throughout the year, the association imagines and organizes events to raise funds. “In 2022, we organized a toy dump, sales of Christmas trees… These operations allow us to participate financially in school trips from kindergarten to high school. We made a contribution of €3,000 this year, and in most case, this aid makes it possible to reduce the participation required of parents.

The FCPE can also mobilize against academic decisions, class closures, reductions in hours, harassment, conflict, teacher absences. “Our local council is affiliated with the national federation, we can rely on a structure that gives more weight in the conduct of our actions.”

Become elected FCPE

During the general meeting on September 20, the office of the FCPE hopes to arouse desires. “We need representatives otherwise in a few years the association will disappear. If you want to get involved in your child’s school community and become a relay between all the parents, the management, the teaching team, we We are waiting for you next Tuesday. Come and subscribe to our lists, there will even be a small drink to share!”

FCPE contact: Christelle – Valerie – Celia – Carolina

Nerac. Representatives of parents of students wanted by the FCPE