New school complex in Marene

Delivery 1st phase by 31 January 2023

The Municipality of Marene, a municipality of 3,284 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo, announces a European design competition for the construction of a new school complex to replace the building that currently houses the Luigi Einaudi primary school and the lower secondary school with annexed gymnasium.

The methods and construction techniques used for the construction of the current school structure, combined with the current conditions of use and maintenance, would require huge safety and energy efficiency measures. It was considered more convenient and rational to proceed with a demolition and reconstruction aimed at creating a new, modern, efficient building that meets all the educational, energy and anti-seismic characteristics.

Competitors are therefore asked to propose a design solution which envisages the demolition of the current school complex and the distribution and functional reorganization of the entire area (10,206 m2) to house a new building for the primary school (10 classes of 25 pupils) and to lower secondary school (6 classes of 25 pupils).

The Administration intends to pursue two main goals:

  • equipping the community with a new safe school building that is innovative from an architectural, plant and technological point of viewand characterized by learning environments that can be adapted to the educational and organizational needs of a constantly changing school;
  • create a real civic center: the new school complex must in fact become an element of connection with the context, contribute to the quality of the urban fabric and constitute a pole of attraction for the social life of the area, offering spaces to host activities aimed at the community.

The gym, multipurpose room and outdoor areas can be made available after school hours and therefore host more strictly educational activities, moments of leisure and free time.

The estimated cost for the construction of the work, including security charges not subject to discount, is equal to 6,244,570.00 euros net of VAT

current school building


The competition will take place free of charge and anonymously, through the web portal concorsiarchibo and is divided into two stages:

    • the first degree – elaboration of proposed ideas – is aimed at selecting, without ranking, the FIVE best design proposalsto be admitted to the second degree
    • the second degree – elaboration of the technical-economic feasibility project


      • Illustrative report – maximum 5 pages – A4 format
      • 1 Graphic table – A2 format


      • Compositional aspects, quality, originality, innovation, flexibility and energy performance of the proposal | max 45 points |
      • Elements of urban planning, integration of the school into the existing context and solutions for connecting primary, secondary and common areas | max 30 points |
      • Technical and pedagogical sustainability of the proposal and its compliance with the guidelines | max 25 points |


– 34,000 euros to the first classified
– 10,000 euros to the runner-up
– to the third classified 7,000 euros
– 6,000 euros for the fourth place
– to the fifth classified 5,000 euros

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New school complex in Marene – design competition – open procedure – two grades