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Conad Nord Ovest and Conad ETS Foundation together for
the Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten

A historic, engaging and hopeful moment that took place this afternoon for the inauguration of the new school year of the Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten in Casalguidi in Pistoia.

Much more than an inauguration for the local community of Casalguidi and the surrounding area: the renewal of the past and present history of the territory with the future of the community, through the relaunch of an educational structure that today looks to the future with new educational programs and a renewed headquarters. A project that is the heart of the community’s life, innovative in its management and teaching model: characteristics that have led the Conad ETS Foundation and Conad Nord Ovest to be part of it and to support it by making an important donation.

The school, in fact, has always represented a real institution in the area and today it is back to life thanks to this important relaunch project strongly supported by the community of Casalguidi and by the Social Cooperative “Amici dell’Asilo Don Claudio Pisaneschi” which, since its constitution, has made a unique effort to keep the school alive, which has been through difficult times in recent years.

The initiative immediately involved everyone: local associations, local entrepreneurs, local credit institutions and the public administration, implementing full integration with the community fabric and developing an integrated supply chain of services to citizens. The project envisages a participatory management approach which represents the key to its economic and financial solidity and which also guarantees the educational-training offer for young people.

“Today as a partner in the area and as President of Conad Nord Ovest, I am proud to celebrate the inauguration of the new school year of the Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten, a reality of absolute value that has always educated generations of children here in Casalguidi, carrying out a very important social function – declared the President of Conad Nord Ovest Roberto Toni. – Conad Nord Ovest, together with its partners, interprets the needs of the communities in which it operates on a daily basis and knowing that our contribution will be able to continue the history of a school that has given so much to our community makes us proud. Having the Foundation at our side is a further reason for pride and we sincerely thank the Friends of the Asylum Don Claudio Pisaneschi for having involved us; We are linked to them by a commonality of values, typical of our business model: starting from the knowledge of the reality of the territory and the need of the Community, we have joined forces to create value and support the future of many young people in our territory ”.

“Conad ETS Foundation was born as a tool at the service of Cooperatives to make their commitment to the community even more effective – says Maria Cristina Alfieri, Director of the Foundation – The purpose of the Foundation is philanthropic and the goal of each intervention is always the commitment to the common good, support for communities, the promotion of a system culture. For this reason, encouraging initiatives and projects that promote the education, training and care of the younger generations, as this historic kindergarten has been doing for some time, represents a priority mission “.

“Today is a day of celebration! – declared Giovanni Frosini, President of the Social Cooperative Amici dell’Asilo don Pisaneschi – We cannot fail to rejoice in a birth and that of our Asylum is really a rebirth, after the risk of closure dictated by the last years marked by the pandemic and by results negative balance sheets. Today we are truly moved to see how this difficult moment has turned into a race of solidarity: many concrete gestures by many people and realities that are showing their trust in us: individuals who have contributed financially according to their possibilities, professionals who companies and realities such as Conad Nord Ovest and Fondazione Conad Ets have provided their services free of charge, demonstrating a unique sensitivity, immediately guaranteeing fundamental support. Thanks to this support, the new kindergarten has been renovated, made more harmonious and safe in the structure. It will not be just a school, thanks to the initiatives for families it will soon become the beating heart of our community. A place where everyone will feel welcomed, where they can meet and feel good. Certainly a different place from the previous one, but equally loved as in the past. ” – President Frosini continues by reiterating that “We owed this commitment to the unforgettable Don Claudio, to the sisters who succeeded each other, to the teachers who every day guided and guide our children by the hand, to all the good people who have committed themselves to its long history, to young families, to the children to come. We believe that in a community we can and should all feel a deep sense of mutual respect and help. On this occasion we had the confirmation of how much our territory, our people love the Don Pisaneschi Asylum ”.

Conad Nord Ovest together with its members has always played a leading social role for the communities in which it operates by supporting important social initiatives aimed at increasing their development and social and cultural well-being by creating shared value for the territory. A responsibility that in 2021 saw the Cooperative and the Members allocate over 7.4 million euros to solidarity and social responsibility initiatives to support and enhance the territory and the community.

The Conad ETS Foundation is a non-profit organization in the third sector set up by Conad to enhance the commitment of Cooperatives and Members in support of the Community. The Foundation operates both at a local level, managing social, cultural and environmental projects together with the individual Cooperatives, carried out in their reference communities, and at a national level, promoting initiatives that have variations throughout Italy and that involve all the Cooperatives.

The project of the Cooperative Amici dell’Asilo Don Claudio Pisaneschi fits well within this framework, which availed itself of the support of professionals who work on a voluntary level, identifying three main areas of intervention aiming at the renewal of the training offer and sustainable structure: organizational innovation; didactic innovation; innovation of structures and outdoor environments.

The Don Claudio Pisaneschi Kindergarten was founded in 1938 by the will of the Mantellate Sisters and subsequently strongly supported by the parish priest Don Claudio Pisaneschi and since then has welcomed generations of children from the community of Casalguidi and Cantagrillo (Pistoia). Today the Kindergarten represents an excellence in the area and offers a training proposal inspired by human and Christian values, which welcomes children of all ethnic, religious, economic and socio-political origins, with particular attention to families in difficulty, in a territory in which the kindergarten is not able to fully answer the existing question. Laboratory activities, canteen service, pedagogical assistance, physical activity, health education, summer camp activities, in addition to basic educational activities and reception with extended hours to meet the needs of families: a precious resource, “heart and home” of the community, to be preserved and made to grow in the future.

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