No more than 6 years of CDD for school supervisors

If you are a supervisor (also called educational assistants), congratulations you will now be eligible for a CDI… If you already have six years of CDD on the clock. The decree was published in the Official Journal on Thursday, following debates in the National Assembly on a proposal from the socialist group.

Some of the 60,000 educational assistants (AED) in France are currently mobilized in a strike movement. However, “the work and commitment of education assistants are now secure,” said Minister of Education Pap Ndiaye on Twitter on Thursday.

The part-time counted

Supervisors “are recruited for contracts of a maximum duration of three years, renewable within the limit of a total commitment period of six years. When a new contract is concluded with a person who has worked for six years as an educational assistant, this contract is for an indefinite period”, specifies the decree.

However, schools can refuse to renew the contract on a permanent contract, but they will then have to justify their decision. Moreover, the six years of exercise count even if the “pawn” is part-time.

Progress or disappointment?

Originally, the socialist initiative text provided for an immediate CDIsation of those accompanying disabled students (AESH) and AEDs as well as the possibility for these National Education personnel to receive a specific bonus when they exercise in priority education schools. During the debates in the Assembly, the majority however refused these proposals, preferring a possible CDIsation after six years for the AED and three for the AESH.

These are “advances, which casually are important”, underlined Modem Géraldine Bannier. “We have nothing to be ashamed of,” agreed walker Jacqueline Dubois. “There are some advances but what a disappointment”, opposed him the UDI Béatrice Descamps underlining the average of the real remunerations of the AESH placing these personnel under the poverty line while François Ruffin (LFI) made the indictment of LREM, to strokes of amendments: “what is this CDI worrying about? “, repeated the deputy of the Somme.

No more than 6 years of CDD for school supervisors