‘No to Partisan indoctrination in Schools’ highlights the Nuvejuliense Together

From the Block of Councilors Together Pro – CC of July 9, we repudiate the partisan indoctrination policy that the Governor of the Province wants to impose, as well as the participation of local Kirchner leaders, last Thursday, September 8, at the School of art N8 in the contact of a contest of local bands.

That same day the school suspended classes in the evening shift, leaving the dining room shift without effect. Therefore, we present a request for a report requesting that the reason for the political-partisan participation and the subsequent suspension of classes be communicated.

The request for information states:

July 9, September 16, 2022

Mr. HCD President
Horace Baglietto

Ref: Request for a report on political participation in School N8 on Thursday, September 8

Of our most consideration:

We are pleased to address you for the purpose of sending you the following:



The political-partisan activities that the Provincial Government wants to implement in schools and the participation of Senator Malena Defunchio in the presentation of the local band contest held on Thursday, September 8 within the School of Art No. 8, and the subsequent suspension of classes in the evening hours, leaving without effect the hours of the dining room that the students attend in said shift.


– That schools should be the space of plurality and should include all sectors of society.

– That political parties should promote these activities in spaces designed for that purpose.

– That the General Regulation of Educational Institutions establishes that the physical space in which the educational activity is carried out has a pedagogical function, with regulations for fitting out, maintenance, care and functionality.

– That this Honorable Body cannot remain silent in the face of totalitarian attempts to silence voices, and even less so when such attempts are made in the school environment.

– That the rights of students cannot be violated.

– That the right to food service is paramount, even more so in the situation of vulnerability in which schools find themselves.

For everything stated in this HCD In use of its powers, it agrees and sanctions the following:

Report Request

Article 1: Request the Director of School No. 8 and to whom it corresponds, to be informed:

  1. a) What was the reason why Senator Defunchio was summoned to present a local band contest?
  2. b) For what reason were classes suspended on September 8 in the evening hours?
  3. c) For what reason did they leave the students who attend that shift without a dining room?
  4. d) How did you solve the issue of food that day?
  5. e) Did they give the students the food corresponding to the day of the date?
  6. f) If yes. Detailed report of the food received by the students
  7. g) Report on any other data that it deems of interest inherent to the problem raised

Article 2º: get in touch

‘No to Partisan indoctrination in Schools’ highlights the Nuvejuliense Together