November 25: Day to Commemorate the Elimination of Violence against Women

Denouncing the violence that is exerted on women and girls around the world and demanding policies in all countries for its eradication moved the world to commemorate today, November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

This day is a reminder that as a society we have a responsibility to build gender equality and eliminate all acts of violence against women and girls. For this reason, the Santiago de Cali District Administration, as a guarantor of rights, rejects any act of violence against women. A call is made to the citizens of Cali not to naturalize violence, not to be indifferent to these facts and to build a great support network so that the victims can get out of the circle of violence.

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It is important to analyze the advances and actions that guarantee the rights of women and girls to achieve equity, reduce inequality and prevent violence based on gender and sex discrimination.

Ofir Muñoz Vásquez, Undersecretary for Gender Equality, of the Social Welfare Secretariat, highlighted: “This commemoration has to do with remembering that we still have pending tasks so that women can live free of violence in any space, at home, in work, in educational institutions, in the public space and other spaces; we have been advancing institutionally; more and more women know where to go, and we have a defined care route”.

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The Undersecretariat for Gender Equality so far this year has advanced the following actions in terms of prevention of gender-based violence.

– The draft agreement for updating the Public Policy was presented to the Municipal Council, being approved as Agreement 0539 of 2022 for “Recognition, Gender Equity and Equal Opportunities 2022-2031”.

– Implementation and start-up of the Cali Paints Violet program, which seeks to create safe spaces for women and girls in the city, such as MIO stations and buses.

– From January to October 2022, 687 cases of women victims of gender-based violence received care, guidance and representation (legal and psychosocial).

– 116 women at risk of femicide received a process of legal and psychosocial support or reception at home with comprehensive care.

– 1,122 people trained in: Transformation of imaginaries, practices and discourses around care, Economy of care and days of care for caregivers.

– 73 workshops on Nonviolent and Equitable Masculinities – Safe Cities for Women and Girls have been held.

– Articulation with Free Taxis to train drivers with the Tax Drivers in Equity program for safer mobility for women and girls.

– The Political Incidence School has been developed for 100 women in Cali.

– 463 women caregivers of dependent people were linked to territorial care and respite activities, within the framework of the implementation of the District Care System.

– More than 300 women have benefited from the Violet Economy Fair for the economic autonomy of women, within the framework of the 25N commemoration.

– During 2022, 8 Ruidazos por las mujeres have been carried out, face-to-face virtual events and in the territory, as part of the communication strategy for the prevention of gender-based violence.

With the continuity and strengthening of these actions, the Mayor’s Office of Santiago de Cali reaffirms its commitment to contribute to the transformation of inequality conditions and to make Cali a safe city for women and girls.

Vivian Rizo Hernandez

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November 25: Day to Commemorate the Elimination of Violence against Women