Opening of the school year in Palermo and its province, summit in the Prefecture on critical issues (VIDEO)

A table to talk about the critical issues and solutions related to the state of school complexes of the metropolitan city of Palermo. This morning, at the Prefecture of the Sicilian capital, a summit on thestart of the school year. Many points were dealt with in the moment of confrontation: from early school leaving to the state of the buildings, passing through the episodes of damage and theft suffered by some schools.

Giuseppe Forlani – Prefect of Palermo

The prefect requested the table Giuseppe Forlaniflanked by the leaders of the police, by the representatives of the municipalities of the province and by the councilor at the School of the Municipality of Palermo Aristide Tamajo. Also present were the representatives of the ASP and of the public transport companies, that is Ast and Amat. It is precisely the Prefect who took stock of the situation on the outcome of the meeting.

“In these two and a half years, the school has been at the center of the activities of the prefecture of Palermo which has carried out an action of connection and support. Now that Covid remains in the background and a regular resumption of activities is underway, taking stock of the situation close to September 19, the official date of the beginning of the school year, seemed important to me “.

The issues on which to invest

There are two key aspects on which Giuseppe Forlani’s attention has focused. “We pay close attention to investment programs for the improvement of school buildings and therefore we count in the coming months to better organize the planning of school activities in the presence of the works that will be started. The other important aspect is early school leaving: also from this point of view, the collaboration between all the institutions starting from the regional and provincial school management with the municipalities and police forces is maximum. In this area too, an information, prevention and repression activity will be carried out for what may be the dangers associated with improper behavior, from the abuse of substances to the fight against phenomena such as gambling addictions “.

Key step concerned the safety of school complexes and territorial control. A theme that the Prefect of Palermo considers key and on which he announces a strengthening on the front of the prevention of episodes of violence. “The table confirms the attention to these phenomena – added the prefect Forlani – which is educational on the one hand and prevention of illegal acts. The Ministry of the Interior has financed video surveillance enhancement programs in many municipalities. For this reason, the municipalities must work to strengthen the passive defenses that are integrated by the control of the territory“.

Councilor Tamajo: “We inherited a disastrous situation”

Present at the meeting, as mentioned above, the councilor of the School of the Municipality of Palermo Aristide Tamajo. The representative of the Giunta Lagalla took stock of the situation on the state of school buildings in the city. “We have been in office for a month and a half. We have found a disastrous situation. Many complexes are in difficulty due to maintenance problems. We are working hard so that we can start the year with the peace of mind of children and families “. Two critical cases analyzed during the meeting: the one relating to the Franchetti school and that of the new Cavallari school complex, near the opening and which would allow to avoid double shifts for the 140 pupils of the Franchetti school, who were ‘orphans’ of the complex. in via Amedeo d’Aosta, currently closed for renovations.

What is also worrying is the situation relating to dear energy. Cost increases that the accountant general Bohuslav Basile estimated at around one million euros a few weeks ago. This in a municipality currently involved in a re-balancing procedure still in place. “The financial problems, some of which also due to the crisis, are there for all to see – underlined Tamajo -. We are trying to overcome the critical issues in order to solve as many problems as possible ”.

Criticalities that have also concerned the ranking for disabled assistants to be included in the school world. Front on which the commissioner Tamajo announces positive news. “The provisional ranking is about to be published, thanks to the work of the offices and officials. There will be five days for any appeals. By Tuesday we could have a clear idea. We are trying to do everything possible to rise to the occasion and to do things the right way ”.

The difficulties experienced in the Province

Problems that, of course, also affect the school complexes in the province. Criticalities underlined at the meeting by the exponents of the municipalities of the metropolitan city present at the meeting. Limit case concerns the municipality of Petralia Sottana, on the Madonie. City hit, last February, by a landslide that caused various damage to the historic center. Injuries that have also affected the comprehensive institution and on which the President of the City Council Giuseppe Dino has asked for an intervention.

“The situation in the municipality of Petralia Sottana is absolutely emergency. It is very critical because, in February, we suffered damage from a large landslide that also involved the municipality of Polizzi Generosa. This problem affected half of the historic center, as well as the school building. We are taking steps to move the boys to another location“.

A concern that grows in view of the arrival of the first rains. “With the forecast of the arrival of new adverse meteorological phenomena in winter we are thinking of new solutions. We are monitoring the progress of the landslide thanks to the contribution of the technicians. The situation is under control, but we must be ready to evacuate when the need arises. As for the school building, we are preparing the premises of the teaching institute in order to accommodate the students of the comprehensive school “.

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