Organization creates the first “Citizenship School in Mexico for Boys and Girls”

* Through courses and workshops, the aim is to create new generations that are incorruptible and capable of recognizing the dignity of other people: Alesandra García

Irineo Perez Melo

Veracruz, Ver., November 20, 2022.- With the conviction that school is not enough to train upright citizens, the organization Ciudadanos del Futuro created the first Citizenship School in Mexico for Boys and Girls, with which it seeks to solve the problem of corruption and all problems facing the country.

This was reported by Alesandra García, co-founder of the Ciudadanos del Futuro organization, who stressed that this is a theoretical-practical training program that through courses and workshops we make the new generations capable of recognizing the dignity of the other person and incorruptible generations. .

He explained that this project arose from the high rates of violence, insecurity, poverty, apathy, and pollution, which are increasing instead of decreasing every day, and upon realizing this situation, an interdisciplinary team was integrated and together they developed a methodology in which could prove that the knowledge obtained in school is put into practice outside the classroom with experience, dynamics and projects.

In addition, he said that with the help of the community, the results would be different, so different that we would realize that the way to solve all those problems that the country has is not only to work to solve them at present, but also the answer could be in Educate the children of today who will be the citizens of the future.

Accompanied by Tomas Rocha, another of the founders, she expressed that courses were developed with the methodology and a pilot test was carried out with 15 children free of charge, lasting three months where we lived virtually and in person with each one, with the workshops and classes, and the goal is to impact 2,500 children in one year.

He stated that, in the pilot phase, the results were obvious and cited as an example the case of Fátima, five years old, who participated in a workshop on caring for the environment and her mother tells that when she went out on the street the beach, the little girl began to apply what she had learned in the workshop, she began to collect the garbage from the sea with a feeling of concern.

Thus, she said, we began to notice in the other topics that she was making the training her own, so we realized that by doing it more consciously, with a larger team and with an established place, we could impact much more boys and girls. .

“We are building a space and we want it to have all the facilities so that the children who are there and want to dream can do it there, in the best way, that they do not need other means or sides to access the workshops and fulfill their dreams. ”, he added.

We want to build a better Mexico based on the dreams of children, because by educating them fully today they will become better citizens in the future, it is possible, because we have seen it with our own eyes. We invite all the people who listen to us or read us to financially support this cause in donor.orghe said last

Organization creates the first “Citizenship School in Mexico for Boys and Girls” – Political Coup